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New Version of Flash Plugin!

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Seeing that many people are having no end of troubles in regards to flash display problems, I thought I would point out a new version of the flash plugin has been released. You can find the version for X and 9 here.
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Thanks, but that blew me up. Under Mac OS 10.2.6, Safari 1.0, I successfully installed the Flash Player 7.0, and now logging in to the Comcast Home page triggers a Safari crash just as the last item is being loaded.

I downloaded the older Player 6 and installed it on top of Player 7. This does not seem to have erased the plug-in, but now I can get in.

The other thing I noticed was that just tonight the Flash menu on the center of the Home page was working better (that is, more like it does under Windows), but when clicked on put up a message saying it didn't support this version of Safari. Now that I've dropped back a release, it doesn't work at all. but at least I don't crash.

As I said, Flash 7 installed correctly; so sayeth the Macromedia Web site. What gives, Comcast?
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I experienced the same problem as Steven Jong, viz, Safari crashed upon login to comcast.net. I didn't do any reinstalls of older versions like he did, but did try reinstalling and also rebooting, etc. to no avail - Safari still crashed. I did try Internet Explorer and Netscape, and they both worked, but got an error loading data from media.comcast.net. I was instructed to submit an error report to macromedia, which I proceeded to do, recognizing that the version that was distributed is still in beta form. when I clicked out of that, it seemed to work properly, but again, only in Netscape and IE. STill not in Safari. I also submitted a bug report to Apple/Safari, as when Steve Jobs first introduced Safari he said that his goal was that Safari would work with everything, or his team would fix it to work with everything, and I am calling his bluff on that statement!