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Increased Spam getting through to inbox

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Increased Spam getting through to inbox

I'm seeing 3 to 5 obvious SPAM emails daily getting through to my inbox.  What's up with that?  I report them as spam and have tried clicking on the unsubscribe button on the emails.  The webpage that pops up to unsubcribe lookes the same for many of the emails.  They are obviously coming from some spammer service and should be getting caught.

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Re: Increased Spam getting through to inbox

I too am having the same problem!!! Multiple SPAMS a day and it's been going on for a few months now.


I never had such a problem before. I never give out my Comcast email, NEVER open SPAM emails to indicate an active email address, and I NEVER respond to "unsubscribe" links to give out my email.


I'm always marking as SPAM and/or forwarding message headers as attachments to missed-spam@omcast.net with absolutely NOTHING being done about it!!! I mean come on Comcast ... Force-Factor, Dr Oz, AIG Direct, some weight loss pills, etc.???


The SPAM is so so SO STUPID OBVIOUS it doesn't take a brain to see that it's SPAM.


I have NO SUCH PROBLEMS with my other email addresses from other services at all including, but not limited to mac.com, Gmail, and work so why is Comcast letting things through???


It's obvious too Comcast has no interest in doing anything or even simply responding about it since I see they haven't even replied to other recent complaints here on the forums like yours here.


Will be abandoning my Comcast email soon anyhow. Pity it seems to be the only way to avoid it. I'm simply glad I at least have alternate email addresses to use.