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Email on Android Phone over Xfinity WiFi

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Email on Android Phone over Xfinity WiFi

Wanted to reach out to see if anyone is having problems getting their email with an Android Phone over Xfinity WiFi.  I have a Motorola Turbo and the problem started about 4 months ago.  When I toggle out of WiFi and go to 4G, I have no problem.  It's only when I try to connect through Xfinity WiFi, only Xfinity WiFi and no other WiFi.  I cannot get mail through the Xfinity Connect App or the Email Client that came with the phone (recently converted from POP to IMAP and it didn't make a difference).  I saw some postings on other forums that there is a disconnect between Lollipop and Xfinity, that the two are incompatible, causing a problem only when using Xfinity WiFi.  Recently upgraded to 6.0.1 Marshmallow, and made no difference.  Also saw some forums that said Xfinity did something with their gateways, causing a compatibility problem.  It's not the device, as I recently replaced it, thinking it was. 


My wife has no problems with her IPHONE nor do I have any problems with a 5 year old Lenovo Android tablet, nor do I have any problems with my Windows 10 PC.  I guess I'm going to have to decide whether to move to an IPHONE or switch providers if I can't learn to live with this, unless someone can point me to a solution or has anything to offer that might be able to help.