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Email filters with this new email


Email filters with this new email

So, I'm trying to get used to the new email.  I am still bothered by some annoying emails and I use filters to manage them.   MY filters performed rather well under the old system.  I am an old Unix coder so writing filters was pretty routine for me.  Under this new email system someone else has taken responsibility for writing filters using hints and suggestions that have no actual meaning to unix code.  I have a "Subject" that says: "Fwd: Today's Turning Point with David Jeremiah".  Your voluntary filter offers "Contains" (that text), and when that fails I filter for "Is exactly" (that text) and I filter for "Matches" (that text) and I even tried "Regex" **(that text)** but that email still gets through every day.  So your filters are a HUGE FAIL!  I want desperately to stop that email from showing up every day.  I could manage just fine if you would actually SHOW the email headers and I wouldn't have to rely on your obviously terrible leads.


Re: Email filters with this new email

So, it has been three days since I posted this problem dealing with the "new" email filters.   I asked for help and not one of the Comcast experts has responded.  That's pretty sad if you ask me.   Any one of the "experts" could have acknowledged the problem, but NO.  Pretty sad guys.