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EMAIL Server Migration FEB2018---3,400+ Duplicate Emails waiting to Download by outlook 2007 POP3

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EMAIL Server Migration FEB2018---3,400+ Duplicate Emails waiting to Download by outlook 2007 POP3

Have this problem that coincides with email migration to new server. I keep my email on server until I DEL from outlook. I get a single duplicate email for most emails in descending date order starting from May 31, 2014, my outlook inbox has 5 K plus emails and I have 3,485+ in duplicates outlook is trying to download until I disconnect the network. I leave emails on the server for access away from home.

FOUND THIS! On https://www.lunawebs.com/blog/2012/07/27/why-duplicate-emails-happen-with-pop3/    the following excerpt below seems to fit what I am seeing. "When the copies left on the server that Outlook has already downloaded are migrated to another server, Microsoft Outlook says "hey look, this message looks new" and downloads all the email copies again from the new server. This becomes a problem because it has already downloaded the emails once and it is just confused so it downloads them all again from the new server."

I spent over a week researching and experimenting trying to figure out what is causing all the single email duplications. Looking forward to Comcast IT provide their explanation/remedy/fix this issue? The link above provides some solutions that Comcast IT would understand better than I.


Thanks in advance,









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Re: EMAIL Server Migration FEB2018---3,400+ Duplicate Emails waiting to Download by outlook 2007 POP

 Hey dwon99, I'm sorry to hear you're having these issues - and I'm not a rep from the company. I know how it is to not have email working in this day and age.


I've used Outlook for a while and then got tired of its BS so I decided to switch to Thunderbird and have never been happier. I rarely have issues connecting even with this company. Now, if there's a server down or some service issue that's different, but all those aside no finicky issues with this program - and it is literally the same program; there are even ways to import/migrate your account and settings into Thunderbird. However, I also realize there might be business purposes this program is used.


And using IMAP is a much better protocol, ever since using IMAP i haven't run into those issues - that post is spot on.


I recently received a message from Xfinity/Comcast that our email server was migrated so it's highly likely the scenario described in that post is exactly what has played out in your reality. We might want to find more about how and why these migrations took place.


Comcast reps - any answer to this question: can you provide any insight into the email server migration? Thank you in advance 

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