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Comcast Data Usage Courtesy Notices constantly popup

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Comcast Data Usage Courtesy Notices constantly popup

I have Blast! service in the Tucson, Arizona market, where I do pay $10 for every 50GB of data over the 350GB monthly limit.  


No issues with that for the past two years, but today, for the first time ever, I am now getting blitzed with "Comcast Courtesy Notice" in-browser popups, I must have gotten several dozen of them today.  It says I've reached 90% of my monthly limit, I completely get that message.  The popup indicates I should sign in to remove the popups, but that has no effect.


Also, something else has happened--in the past, whenever I used the whereismyip website to identify my IP location, it used to report Tucson AZ, no problem.  And I was able to select the Tucson, AZ location in speedtest.comcast.net to do my speed tests, no issues.


But today, it appears I'm now behind a Comcast web proxy at, apparently associated with utah-notify02.saltlakecity.ut.utah.comcast.net.  And, my using the Tucson, AZ location in speedtest.comcast.net no longer returns good results.


I wonder if that's the reason I'm now getting blitzed with those courtesy notice popups.


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Re: Comcast Data Usage Courtesy Notices constantly popup

Comcast routes your internet connection through a proxy to insert the HTML notices. That will cause the rest of the net to see the proxy's address as your address, and the additional routing will add latency to your connection. For some background see How does the “Service Notice” work? at http://forums.comcast.com/t5/Security-and-Anti-Virus/Comcast-Announces-Constant-Guard-security-progr... (they use the same system for data usage notices and Bot notices).


If an employee doesn't respond to your message here, you might give Comcast Security Assurance a call at 1-888-565-4329 (from http://constantguard.comcast.net/dedicated-support/). They manage that system and might be able to help you with this. The first-line CSA reps are not always helpful, so you may need to be persistent and keep at them until you get a satisfactory answer.

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Re: Comcast Data Usage Courtesy Notices constantly popup

Thanks for the response Bruce, it helps to understand.  The curious thing is, this proxy thing didn't happen to me for the approximately 8-10 months, over the past two years, that I exceeded the 350MB data thresholds. And Comcast got to collect additional revenue from me ($10 for every 50GB over the limit).


So I'm not sure what happened this month--maybe Comcast very recently took action in the Tucson market to make sure all customers are aware their limits are being reached. The interesting thing is, this is going to actually discourage me from hitting the data limit in the future and also discourage me from giving Comcast additional money (that $10/50GB over limit).


I guess I'll have to go find a CSA rep who may be helpful with this, I'll wait several days to see if a Comcast employee can help me here on the forums.

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Re: Comcast Data Usage Courtesy Notices constantly popup

Update as of 11:12 AM Tucson time:


It appears my problem has been resolved--someone apparently took action that had the effect of removing the HTML-inserting proxy from my Comcast connection.   I no longer am getting the data usage courtesy notice popups, and speedtest.comcast.net now works great using the Tucson server.


If this happened in response to my forum post here: Thanks!



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