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losing my email address

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losing my email address

This is probably a message to comcast more than anyone else although if someone has a solution I would like to hear it. After a recent divorce, my email address, which remained attached to my ex-wife's account, was inadvertantly deleted from her account and suddenly I stopped getting emails. This is a long standing address with hundresds of contacts for bill paying, business and friends. I contacted comcast and their security people have said I cannot recreate the same email address for 90 days (one person said 30 days, another 90) One gentleman initially said they could take it out of the 30 day quarantine and make it available. He took my phone number and said someone would call. That call hasnt happened yet. I called the security department again and got a woman who was adamant in saying they could not take it out of the 90 day quarantine and there way to work around that.

Some points: I was never told by comcast that I had to transfer my email address to my new account; losing that email address has created a hardship since it is a long standing address connected to my farming business; Comcast must have the technological savy to take the address out of hiatus status and allow me to recreate it; Comcast should develop protocol for dealing with account breakups so that things like this dont happen

Personal service should mean working with the customer to solve unique or individual problems like this

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Re: losing my email address

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Just so you have the correct facts, deleted email names are held for 90 days before being released back into the available name pool.


They can reassign the email address to you.


You said you talked to someone in Security. Did you try using the EMAIL option instead?


Use Trouble with your service  option>>Internet and email.


All you need to say is it was accidentally deleted. You don't need to go into details. Don't mention the divorce.


If calling doesn't work, do the following


You can send an email to Comcast corporate customer service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com).
For the quickest response, please include:


Your full name;

Service address;

Phone number & an alternate number if possible; (best contact number/time to call)

Account number;

A link to your post.


Or you can ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.


You will not hear from a team member. One of them will contact the right person in your area and that person will call you.


It generally does not take long to get resolution when the we_can_help team gets involved.




Comcast employees must be authorized to post in the forum in an official capacity. Employees posting here have their names in red and are designated as employees. Names not in red are customers.

This is done to protect customers and for assurance that they are dealing with a Comcast employee.
Non-Authorized Employees are allowed to post but cannot state they are employees nor can they allude to being employees.

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