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Where is my email?

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Where is my email?

I'm fed up with Xfinity email.    I've been trying to work with it, but it's gotten ridiculous.   I can't keep emails in my inbox for more than 1-2 weeks.    AFter that  they just vanish...  I've complained about it here before and all I get is people trying to tell me I have a virus on my computer,  which I don't... and even if I did that wouldn't be deleting emails like clockwork off of the xfinity servers.     I just lost a whole slew of messages that I had in my inbox from last week and they are just gone.....    I needed those messages and they are gone.


And now,  I download xfinity connect on my phone and that is even worse.... the mail comes in and is instantly deleted as it arrives.   I see a notification that I have a new message.. I go check and there is no new message.   Sometimes when I go in,  I see the new message appear in my inbox for one second and then it vanishes and is gone.    I have no idea where.   It's not in the junk folder.... and I have no rules configured to move things.  


I'm just about done with xfinity email.   I've been using this email address forever, but I'll just have to have stuff forwarded to gmail or something that actually works.      Completely fed up... does anybody at comcast actually read these forums to help with problems?   Probably not... I'll just call them and wait 2 hours to talk to some joker with a script who will ask me to check if my monitor is plugged in.   


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Re: Where is my email?

Did you check your Email Deletion Schedule to see when emails are automatically deleted from your Folders?


Open XfinityConnect, click on Preferences > Email. Scroll down to thevEmail Deletion Schedule, open it.  See how many days each folder is set to when it automatically deletes email messages.


Does that setting explain the missing email?  While there, make any changes you want to make too.


Are all messages that are in your inbox disappearing?


I would change your password to a strong password as well...Consisting of upper and lower case letters, some numbers, and a character or two.



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