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Prescription-Required Medications from Russia? Riiiight!

Every day there is spam in my spam folder when I log into my Comcast ("smart" zone lt) account.


Before the Comcast apologists get started without even reading this whole post, let me state something clearly.


Email that goes to the customer's spam folder means that Comcast IS _NOT SURE_ what it is.


Because if they think that it is _not_ spam, they put it in your inbox.


And if they think that it is _really spam_ they block it entirely, you never see it.


So email in your spam folder means "We're not sure".


Does anyone disagree with that?
If so, provide details.


Here's what I see.  Every day.  Multiple times.
1) All of the spam emails have a link to a .ru url.
2) All of the spam emails have the word "viagra" in them.


I claim that a retarded monkey can recognize that a .ru (Russian) url selling a _PRESCRIPTION-REQUIRED_ medication is spam.


Does anyone disagree with that?


There is a substantial likelihood that that Russian website is just phishing for peoples' credit card info.


Is there any justification for Comcast to continue to lamely argue that "we don't really know what those emails with a Russian url in them are, so we'll keep delivering them to you"?


For the Comcast apologists:  don't get off the subject.
I am _only_ talking about emails with a .ru url selling prescription required medications.