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Original Email format

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Original Email format

I want original E-mail format to return, I am having too many problems with this new version.  Anyone else feel the way I do about this?
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Re: Original Email format

gle1980 wrote:
I want original E-mail format to return,


It's not going to happen.   It's a one-way migration.


I am having too many problems with this new version. 


Have you looked through the SmartZone Tutorial?   Have you checked out the many sticky posts pertaining to SmartZone at the time of this forum?    Have you clicked on Help in SmartZone and gone through the Help and FAQ on SmartZone?


Anyone else feel the way I do about this?


Oh, there's plenty of people who feel the same way.    Some of them are going to adjust to using SmartZone.  Others are going to go and use Yahoo Mail, GMail or other free e-mail services.   And still others are going to install an e-mail client and download their e-mail to their computer.





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Re: Original Email format

gle1980 wrote:
I want original E-mail format to return, I am having too many problems with this new version.  Anyone else feel the way I do about this?


Well I don't think the old format will be returning. But you do have a few alternative choices given that you don't like the new format.


1. You could learn to live with the new format. It does have some good features that were not available in the old WebMail format

2. You could not use the new format at all and use a pop email client, such as OutLook Express, ThunderBird, OutLook, etc., on your own computer to interact with your comcast email. For many users this is the best approach, for many reasons, for sending and receiving your comcast email

3. You could find a free third party email provider such as yahoo, gmail, etc. that has a format more to your liking


Comcast is very flexible on using their email service or not. They allow you to use any pop email client or to not use their email service at all. If you decide on using an email client let us know which one and we'll help you properly configure it.

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Re: Original Email format

Which original format? The one from 6 years ago? The one which was released in 2007?

The 2007 release caused the same uproar that is now focused on SZ-all the words used to describe SZ, issues with it not working properly, the way it looks applied to that webmail interface.

I have no clue what the original "original" looked like, so I can't comment on it. But I'm sure that there were people who wanted that one back after it was overhauled.

I have stated before that I find it ironic that people who complained about the last incarnation of webmail are now defending it.


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Re: Original Email format

I agree. everything sucks with this new format.other posts says to live with it or go to a free email

like Yahoo or AOL etc.

well for one thing, why cant comcast give us an option? why? because they dont care.

remember there are two idiots in involved and not only with this email, but comcast as a whole;

it takes one idit to design it and the other idit to approve it.

so i say go to Yahoo, which by the way, they seem to care....they ask for feedback on any new

changes to their email and also offer options to keep the new or switch to the older version.

they care. im now deciding between Yahoo and AOL.

BTW, there was only one feature in comcast email that i liked that the others didnt have,

and that you can also attach a picture or document in the body as well as a regular attachment.

but i can live without it.

i care, and i wont put up with it.

oh, and the comcast commericals say they care...ha what a bunch of bul-cr_p.

bye bye

i went to post and i couldnt 'cause the bot says i used a bad word 'ido_t. since when is ido_t a bad word?

oh yes, its not PC or they know who they are.


You used a bad word, idi_t, in the body of your post. Please clean up the body before posting.

You used a bad word, bul-, in the body of your post. Please clean up the body before posting.

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Re: Original Email format

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    Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
    Details of the problem you are having.

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    Re: Original Email format

    hello thronthx - Thanks for posting your feedback. Unfortunately, continuing a thread from 2009 isn't the best way to start a conversation. Please create a new thread in the "email" category and we'd be happy to discuss this with you.

    Just 'Dete'
    Retired Help Forums Admin