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My High Speed Internet is Slow

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My High Speed Internet is Slow


Funny but my Comcast Hi Speed Internet is always slow (clicked B for block letter- but it is not recognized right this minute). So add this problem to my first problem (slow speed).

Comcast connected this service on Dec. 31, 2003 and I have called technical support 4 times now. They will help me re-connect via the telephone and told me my modem was giving me the problem (yet they didn't want to replace it- I asked for a new one).

In the meantime. I feel like I am a VICTIM of false advertisement.

I have this problems all the time since the first day I had this service. I have another ISP (AOL) that I thought I will cancel but now, I think I will go back.

Here are the problems and please share your TIPS if any:
1. Very Slow connection when I first start the computer.
2. I wait again for the MODEM to start (very slowly until all the green lights are on).
3. I click my only webmail (via Globat.com) and it is also slow. I wait more than a minute or so all the time.
4. When I log in, I wait until my page shows up (again more than a minute).
5. When I click to read my mail, again I wait.
6. I click to delete, again I wait.
7. I then click to COMPOSE, again it is slow.
8. Any item I click will not open until many seconds later.
9. There are other problems and they are wasting my time and I can't even READ OR SEND my mail on time. It will take several miutes to do this.

If anyone can help I really appreciate it.

I wrote email to COMCAST but they reply or don't reply ON TIME and tell me to call my local comcast office for support which I can't get (because they lead me to the other telephone number - Comcast 800 number which responds after maybe 10 minutes.

I have been calling them and waiting for their Tele Support almost everyday since I started this subscription.

Thank you so much!
Losing patience in Los Altos CA
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Re: My High Speed Internet is Slow


Please post this under the connection forum.