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Maximum e-mail attachment size question

Why is Comcast's maximum e-mail attachment size only 10MB?  This seems small to me and it's often not enough for me.  Especially since some files expand in size when you attach them.  In those cases, it'll only upload if the original file is only around 8MB or less.  It seems most servers have a maximum size of up to 25MB.  Why can't Comcast have that as well?

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Re: Maximum e-mail attachment size question

Comcast's limit is actually 15MB, but to allow room for headers, etc. the actual limit is closer to 10-12MB. 


As for why some email systems now allow larger attachemnt sizes: while convenient it's not necessarily a good thing. Email systems were never designed to move such large files, and when you add that to the amount of spam that is generated on a daily basis, it's a miracle that our email systems don't shut down more often than they do. 


In the old days, it was FTP that was designed to move large files across the net. Today, cloud-based storage systems like iCloud, Dropbox, even your Comcast online storage make this easier and faster.