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We log in using the same computer every time. Why can't I just enter e-mail zone and be in mail section automatically. Why do I have to log-in every time using my user ID and my password. I want my computer to remeber me or the smartzone to remember me. How can I do this? Any suggestion?

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Well, I think the design thought behind making you log on each time is that more secure is better than less secure.  Remember, Comcast has to do their best to protect their customers' data from malicious use.  If you could stay logged in indefinitely, anyone using your computer can access your email, account settings, etc.  This is especially troublesome when you log in from a public system somewhere, like a school, library, or internet cafe.  Suppose you forgot to logoff when you're done and the next user proceeds to royally munge the works up for you.  Hence Comcast's decision to "help" protect users (sometimes from themselves).


But more secure is also more trouble for you in the form of increased logins.  You're not alone in complaining about this, many others would love to see a form of permanent login, or at least a version with a longer duration, like 2 weeks, etc.  I have no idea if we'll ever see that, though.


I can't say I personally care too much about this since I never use the Comcast.net site for more than occasional, momentary access.  I like to recommend to folks they stop using Comcast.net to access their email and use just a real local email client like Outlook Express, Windows Mail, Mac Mail, Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.  Nothing says you have to use SmartZone to access your Comcast email and in many cases, not using it will make your life much easier.  Some folks just prefer to use a web email client like SmartZone, but in chosing that they also chose the increased logins, slowness, lack of features, etc.  Depends on what your wants and needs are, I guess.   Just realize that you have a choice and make the one that best fits your needs.