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Fake Comcast Email sent to me a few minutes ago:

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‎09-28-2009 09:14 AM

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Fake Comcast Email sent to me a few minutes ago:

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I have recently just got a email threatening me to give my personal information, and that it was from Comcast.net Upgrade Edition 2009. I was told by my son, this is probably a fake, and I wasn't going to give anyone my information, not these day anyway. No matter who they were. But, they claim and say if you don't respond ASAP your comcast account will be deleted. It claims to be from this ficticious(COMCAST.NETUPGRADETEAM. WARNING CODE: VX2G99AAJ  They said it was from EVERYONE PLEASE BEWARE OF THIS GOING OUT TO ALL COMCAST.NET CUSTOMERS. THANKS, Debra Rincon in Portland Oregon. P.S. I  hope nobody get a virus from these fools, I didn't even open my email, I just reported here. Thanks for listening, I am just trying to WARN OTHER CUSTOMERS:
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Re: Fake Comcast Email sent to me a few minutes ago:

It's a phish mail. I'm glad you didn't fall for it. If you had, someone would have all your personal info.

Can you say "identity theft"?


Comcast will NEVER ask for personal information via email.


Comcast employees must be authorized to post in the forum in an official capacity. Employees posting here have their names in red and are designated as employees. Names not in red are customers.

This is done to protect customers and for assurance that they are dealing with a Comcast employee.
Non-Authorized Employees are allowed to post but cannot state they are employees nor can they allude to being employees.

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Re: Fake Comcast Email sent to me a few minutes ago:

I just report it as spam... I will not give any information out ever!!!


Someone posing as agent from Comcast is a Scammer or spammer... I would just report them as spammer... 


I put them on the filter that puts all of these spammer into trash automatically... known as BLOCKED SENDER...