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ATTBI saying my email has been put on Blacklist / No forwarding

On the 30th I switched to Comcast as required.
My ATTBI account is not forwarding e-mail, instead it is replying to people that "My e-mail has been put on a black-list" as it has been identified as a Spam source.

Someone hijacked my e-mail. I do not spam. Please reset this flag!
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Re: ATTBI saying my email has been put on Blacklist / No forwarding

The host sending you mail is on the Comcast "blacklist". If you know who is sending you the e-mail tell them to also send you a message via comcast.net. My guess is that will not get through either, if it originated from the same host. Comcast is blocking your valid e-mail. That is all e-mail originating from seleted ISP's and mail forwarding services who Comcast has identified (somehow) as abusive with respect to SPAM. Check out the forum this morning for more information.
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Re: ATTBI saying my email has been put on Blacklist / No forwarding

Karen, are you listening?

From help@bigfoot.com:

"Your ISP, comcast.net/attbi.com , is currently blocking incoming mail from Bigfoot's mail servers, which is why you are not receiving email that is forwarded through your Bigfoot account.

"We are communicating with them to find a solution to this problem. May we encourage you to bring this matter to the attention of comcast.net/attbi.com. Together, working on both ends, we may be able to more quickly get results."

At least Bigfoot answered my help request; Comcast is just ignoring it.

Rather than use their pinhead brains to address the problem, they've decided to block entire domains (pobox, bigfoot, etc.) and make it someone else's problem. Ours, that is.

What, are we paying Comcast's bills for NOT receiving our e-mail?

Why was this not a problem all the time we had attbi.com? How come it only becomes blocked suddenly when Comcast takes over? Maybe a telephone company DOES know something more about data transmission and customer support that a Cable TV company does, eh?

Get some help if you need it, you lazy stooges, but let our e-mail go!