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Touchscreen update 4/6/17 - removed multiple camera views, added time-out= bad

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Touchscreen update 4/6/17 - removed multiple camera views, added time-out= bad


Does anybody know how to get back the multiple camera views on the Touchscreen, as well as the "idle timeout" for the Touchscreen?  With this new update yesterday, there is not an option to have all of the connected camera's on the touchscreen, minimized for view.  Now the home-owner has to swipe to get to the other camera... The benefit of having all of the camera's on the screen at the same time, is that you can glance at the screen and see all the views around the house, then if something needs further inspection, you can touch that camera image and it will enlarge.  

With this software update, they made the Touchscreen a labor-intensive process and the user has to ENGAGE the touchscreen to see what it going on.  I don't have time to swipe the screen everytime I want to see a different camera on a different part of my house.  I don't have time to play with the Touchscreen to see what is going on or not going on.  The Touchscreen was in our kitchen and we could casually glance at the Touchscreen and see something, like a car in the driveway, etc, but now we have to keep swiping to see every camera. 

Also, the idle time out needs to removed because the time out is 30 minutes, before it was on 24/7 and didn't have to worry about it and AGAIN we could just walk by anytime day or night and see what was going on with all camera's, WITHOUT having to do anything.

I hope that somebody knows if there is a fix.  Otherwise, I will be shopping for a new security system, and I like the xfinity home only because of the Touchscreen.  Many other systems with cameras have an app on your phone and you have to manage that all the time, and consistantly check it, so not there is no difference with this new Touchscreen update....

I will be shopping for a new system and then demanding that Xfinity cancel my 2-year subscription because this is not what I agreed to, and not what I want or need.  They made it worse.


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Re: Touchscreen update 4/6/17 - removed multiple camera views, added time-out= bad

I can still get the screen to show all six of my cameras.  If you are on the screen with a single camera showing there should be a couple arrows showing on the bottom right of the screen.  Click on these and it will take you back to the overview camera screen and you will be able to see all your cameras.  Also if you are in the dashboard and you select cameras from the list it should bring up all the screen with all your cameras where you can then pick one to enlarge.

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Re: Touchscreen update 4/6/17 - removed multiple camera views, added time-out= bad

I might have a different touchscreen but I understand how to get my 2 camera's to show on the touchscreen at the same time, but this "View" times out after 30 minutes (there are choices like 5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc).  If there was a selection to not time out and too keep as default, which was the default prior to the software upgrade, this would work.  It was a benefit to have all the camera views on the Touchscreen at one time, instead of swiping through the camera images, which seems like an intense activity to be able to view all the camera's at a glance.   Thanks for your suggestion!