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Motion Sensor Tamper Condition - Screwed

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Motion Sensor Tamper Condition - Screwed

Changing motion sensor battery, beeping from touchscreen made our dog go crazy. Shoved circuit board too hard, after putting cover on have constantly blinking red light. No idea what to do, is it broken? AND even though i clicked 'ok' on all the tamper advices, cannot arm system, getting error 'THE SYSTEM COULD NOT BE ARMED DUE TO TROUBLE CONDITION.
Chat wait is forever. No phone number to call. One more year until i can cancel this POS
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Re: Motion Sensor Tamper Condition - Screwed

I am having the same problem.  Changed the battery and cleared the tamper warning on the touch screen but now I cannot arm the system due to a "trouble condition".  I don't think I damaged anything as I do not have the same blinking light that you had.  The red light lit for a few seconds after chaning the battery like it is supposed to.  I now have to disable my backdoor senser to arm the remaining sensors at night.


Did you ever find a solution?


Re: Motion Sensor Tamper Condition - Screwed



Did you also try re-booting your Touchscreen ???


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Re: Motion Sensor Tamper Condition - Screwed

Did you ever fix this?  I'm having the same issue right now.  Thanks.  

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Not exactly convenient...

OMFG....when they installed this, they put the motion sensor housing into the wall about 9 feet up.  The directions online, of course, are for how to install the board for the motion sensor IF YOU ARE HOLDING IT IN YOUR HAND.  So you have to do this over your head, on a ladder--after the 11th try, I replaced the battery, depressed the tamper switch (under a spring like an old ballpoint pen, so you need an icepick or an awl to depress it), and it reset itself....why am I paying for this service, if I have to essentially rebuild this thing to change a battery.  For 37 bucks a month, they could send someone out every three years to change the battery.

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