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How update wifi password on Xfinity Home Touchscreen

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I recently replaced my modem and wifi router, so now have a new wifi network in my house.  How do I update the Xfinity Home Touchscreen to use this new network?  The celluar connectivity still works, but the wifi connectivity does not (which makes sense, since now I have a new wifi network with a new password that the touch screen doesn't know about).  I can't find where to update these settings.

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Found the answer myself!  Thought I'd post it here for others (it's surprising that this information isn't included in any FAQs or support videos/documentation):


This other forums post has the info: http://forums.xfinity.com/t5/Devices-and-Equipment/home-security-secret-wifi-network/m-p/2554704


I also found it on this (unofficial) YouTube video: https://youtu.be/CMa17FeZ7xo


NOTE: This should only be needed if you replaced your Comcast Wifi Router/Gateway.  If you didn't replace it, rebooting should fix the problem.  If you have an entirely new Router/Gateway, you need to update the CM MAC address saved in the touch screen so that it can use the new Router/Gateway.


The trick is that the screen where you do this is not displayed when you login to Settings on the TouchScreen using your master passcode.  Instead of your passcode, you need to enter 4321 as the passcode.  This puts the Touchscreen into a special mode for a techincian, and there you will find the screens you need to change the CM MAC address.


From the Xfinity Home Touchscreen:

  1. Select Settings
  2. Enter 4321 for the Master code (do not use your own master code, you must use 4321)
  3. You will be prompted for a technicial name - enter anything you want
  4. Select: Advanced Settings
  5. Select: Connectivity
  6. Select: Reset Router From Factory
  7. Select: Next 
  8. Select your router/gateway from the list, Select Next
  9. Follow the instructions on the touch screen to enter your CM MAC address and then reboot the touchscreen

When the touchscreen completes the reboot, it should be connected to your Xfinity router/gateway.  You do not need to enter the SSID/Wifi pw anywhere, the CM MAC address is all it needs.



You find the CM MAC address on your actual router/gateway. There should be a sticker that includes a couple of different MAC addresses, make sure you use the one labeled CM MAC.


That should do it.

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I'm trying to re-connect a new Wifi Modem/Router also.  Found your post very useful.  I have a Motorola MG7550.  It is not one of the 3 routers / gateway listed on the touchscreen. I selected "Configuring with Cable Gateway".  It is spinning forever on "Associating with Gateway".  I double checked the CM MAC address.  What modem/router or gateway did you use?