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Home Security and Connectivity : Strange goings on! Netgear R6700v2, CM700 and N150

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Home Security and Connectivity : Strange goings on! Netgear R6700v2, CM700 and N150

Hi, We have recently had issues with finding our computers disconnected from the internet each morning. This morning I reset our Nighthawk R6700v2 router instead of our Netgear CM700 and was surprised to see us become reconnected. As part of morning routine, I check with my phone and I am connected so that I can see video from several IP Cameras I have connected to. This proves the phone is connected to the internet. The day before yesterday, I had to reset the camera app to new IP addresses for two cameras located on my Comcast network to obtain video. Yesterday, I had to change the IP addresses again - apparently the IP address had changed from the day before..... today the video from the cameras is being received ok. Anyway, after checking on the cameras on my phone, I check the Home Security tablet and usually the Internet Connectivity shows a red cross and the Cellular Connectivity shows a white checkmark in a green circle... Our laptops show they are disconnected with a DNS Server error.... so I have been resetting the CM700 modem to restore a connection. The other day a Tech came and reorganised the connected devices and connected the 'Home Security Netgear Modem' directly into our CM700 modem... then from the Home Security modem to our Nighthawk router. Previously the Nighthawk was connected directly to the CM700 and the Home Security modem to the Nighthawk. There is a difference on the CM700 in that the bottom network light flashes amber instead of Green.... so I think the speed we are getting is lower.... . Checking the Home Security tablet this morning, I was surprised to see the Internet Connectivity showing a checkmark, and the Cellular showing a red cross. I rebooted but saw the same results. Fearing that if the modem dropped the internet connection, we might be disconnected from Home Security, I called Comcast who rebooted again with the same results and the operative had me open a door etc... and reassured me the system was functioning as it should be but they couldn't explain the red cross! Can anyone shed any light on the 'Home Security' red cross issue when apparently we are connected? and Does anyone have any suggestions about our router situation each morning that allows some devices to connect and others not to over wifi or cord? Thanks in anticipation, Allan
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Re: Home Security and Connectivity : Strange goings on!

Hi again, ... and again this morning I could use my phone on wifi, and a desktop directly connected to the Nighthawk router but two laptops were showing a 'DNS Error'. So I rebooted the Nighthawk and we are back working. ... thinking on... Comcast's Home Security modem (N150 Router WNR1000) goes straight into our CM700 modem and the Comcast Modem then feeds our Nighthawk router.... but I can't see this modem when I go to Routerlogin.net... which accesses the Nighthawk. I am wondering if the Comcast modem is interfering with the Nighthawk and whether I should hardwire the Home Security tablet and, somehow, set the Comcast modem to 'passthrough' mode... if that is possible? Allan