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Home Security Jamming Error

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I have been having some issues with my home security system and to avoid false alarms, I have not been using it for a while now. I called the XFinity customer service twice, but that did not help, so hopefully someone can help me this way (thanks in advance).


Below I tried to provide as much information as I could in order to help with troubleshooting these issues:


My Equipment:

  1. TCA203COM Touch Pad
  2. Wireless Pin Pad
  3. (4) Door/Window sensors
  4. (2) Motion sensors

Installation Date: May-2016


Issue #1: Jamming Error (FYI, I do not own any zigbee devices other than the Xfinity Home Security)

  • Symptoms:
    • Touchpad beeps twice, shows "System may be jammed"
    • Home App shows "Zigbee Transceiver Jammed" error
    • Arming the system is not possible
    • Rebooting the touch screen resolves the issue in most cases, but not always. The last time this happened, the jamming error disappeared after the reboot, and arming the system was successful (Arm Stay). However, opening/closing any of the doors did not trigger an alarm. 


Issue #2: False alarms on the Garage Door sensor (located within the 4 feet of the touchpad)

  • Symptoms:
    • When the system is armed in "Arm Stay" mode, entry delay and eventually an alarm is triggered as if the door is opened
    • No errors are shown in the activity report
    • Rebooting the touch screen or reinserting the door sensor battery resolves the issue



What I have tried so far:

Contacted the XFinity Customer Service twice over the phone:

  • 1st Conversation on December 19th, 2016: CSR told me that my battery on the door sensor was low (2.8V) and told me to replace it. I replaced the batteries in all of the door sensors to be safe. The false alarms on the garage door sensor has not happened since, but the jamming error has happened again.
  • 2nd Conversation on January 11th, 2017: CSR  told me that there's nothing to troubleshoot because the system did not show any errors at the moment. He told me that I should keep using the system without any concerns. I was not satisfied with his answer, and had to end the call after he started calling me "bro".


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Per issue 1:

There have been a few possible culprits including wireless outlet switches both radio and Wi-Fi controlled. These are commonly used to control lights during the holiday season. Less likely, but also suspected to cause this are LED Christmas lights. These were a couple of theories we had when a couple of my co-workers ran into this.


For both issues you should get a tech out to verify all your sensors are working properly.

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Thanks for your response.


Like most people nowadays, I do own various wifi enabled devices including a few Belkin Wemo switches that operate at 2.4ghz. I thought about interference a while ago and moved my touch screeen to a different room, but that did not help.


My problems started before I set up my christmas lights, and they continue after I put them away, so it's most likely not related to that either.



I will try to reach customer service right when I get the error next time, and hope that they decide to help and send a tech to my house. But I suspect the tech will run  the same diagnostic test and tell me that everything is working normal, similar to my last phone call with Comcast.



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I spent more time on this jamming issue, and found an article about the interference between Zigbee and Wifi at 2.4Ghz. Here's a quick summary of my findings:


  1. Xfinity sensors use Zigbee channel 15 (not from the article)
  2. According to the article, channel 15 correponds to 2425Mhz ±1.5Mhz, and that range might interferere with Wifi channels 2 through 6.


My access point at 2.4Ghz was set at channel 3, which I changed to channel 1. It would probably be safer to select channel 11, but my neighbor is already at that frequency. I'm not saying this is a definite fix, but it makes sense on paper, and doesn't hurt to give it a try. I found another person with the same issue on the forums, and his issue still persists even after replacing his hardware.


I will keep this thread posted with updates, fingers crossed.


Source: https://www.mobiusconsulting.com/papers/ZigBeeandWiFiInterference.pdf

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It has been over two weeks that I haven't had any issues with my system. I will update this thread if anything changes.

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