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Battery backup for Xfinity Home Touchscreen

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Does anybody have one of these on their touchscreen? I had a five hour power failure last night and of course the screen went black but the green light at the lower left stay lit. I heard the tone when doors were opened/closed as well. I couldn't connect to the touchscreen via my ios app as I was told the touchscreen had no power. I seem to recall that for another power failure the screen stayed on until the power was restored. Is there a chargeable battery inside the touchscreen? What is recommended for something like this?

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It's normal for the screen to go black and for WiFi to turn off when power is removed from the touchscreen. I'm not sure if it's always immediate but I just tested with my Touchscreen and WiFi cut out within a minute of being unplugged.

There is a backup battery. When power is lost, the touchscreen goes into power saving mode so the most critical functions continue to work and don't drain the battery too fast.

Because there is no WiFi, cameras won't work and you won't be able to use a lot of the other functions that require the touchscreeen to connect to the Internet - but the actual alarm system (door, window, motion sensors, etc) would continue to function and alarms would still trip, because the touchscreen uses cellular backup when it's not connected to WiFi.
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Okay so there is a battery inside the touchscreen then. Does it need changed ever and does it charge back up like a laptop battery would? 

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The battery should automatically charge back up as soon as power is restored.  The Touchscreen would notify you if any of the batteries in your system are in need of replacement.  I believe Comcast would need to come out to replace the Touchscreen's battery.