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I just had a conversation with a customer service person THEODORE operator #4QG.  He was curt, rude, snide and offered no assistance with my problem.  


last month my 6 month contract was up, so when I paid my bill I found my next bill was substatially higher.  I got a hold of a Comcast person and they set me up on a new program.  They said at that time my next bill would see adjustments and i would drop back down into the $150 range.  So I waited, waited....


finally today I called your customer service and got THEODORE #4QG. When he came on the line he verified my acct and then rattled off the amount I owed and asked how Id like to pay.  I stopped that and explained before making any payments I had questions about my bill.  SILENCE.  I said hello are you there?

THEODORE: YESSSS IM HERE, GO ON,( in a snide manner).  

I then told him of my new contract amount and explained i was waiting for my new amount to show up on my acct.  

THEODORE: $189 is your new amt how would you like to pay it?

I said thats impossible I just renewed my contract and it should be in the $150 area.  THEODORE: Well mam you DO realize you are required to PAY for the PORN you watch on PPV? (!!!) ME: I dont watch porn and there are 2 girls in my house so I doubt they are watching it! This happened a few months ago and I put a block on the PPV and told the girls we couldnt use PPV, just in case.  At that time (August 2012) Comcast gave me a 1 time credit.   THEODORE: No such thing as a block, you need to password protect the PPV option and that is YOUR responsibility not ours.  

ME: Well why wouldnt that last cust service person have told me that?

THEODORE: I dont guess why other people do the things they do.  

Dont you read your bill?

ME: I havent received a paper bill in 2 months, only phone reminders my bill is ready.  THEODORE: Well we sent the bills, we dont control the post office.

ME: This is ridiculous, can anyone else have remote access to my DVR? (long silent pause) HELLO?

THEODORE: Yes Im here, I didnt imagine that was really a question.

 ME: Obviously this conversation is going no where quickly, what is your name and id number and how do I set a pin number on my PPV?

THEODORE: (name and #) go online all the instructions are there, its your responsibility. and when are you going to pay your bill?

ME: Today. (HUNG UP)


I then called back, paid my bill, and went online and got the instructions to set a PPV pin number. All went well till I got to step 4 which states I can select which catagory I want to set a PIN for.  Which on my DVR that was not the case.... So I call back Comcast, wait 8 minutes, get a very nice lady that says "oh we can do that here. Those instructions are for the older NON DVR units."  She sets it up in less than a minute, apologizes for the rudeness of THEODORE #4QG, and we conclude our call.  


That is what I expect from a company Im paying $180 a month to! Not the snide surly attitude THEODORE #4QG was throwing at me.  He inferred it was my fault I hadnt locked the PPV, which I had thought I did with my call to you guys in August.  I dont call for help and expect to be treated like dirt on his shoe.  I expect MUCH better service!!



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To get help, you can contact Comcast Corporate Customer Service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com) Send a link to this thread and your account details. You can also ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.