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Vacation or Seasonal Hold

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Vacation or Seasonal Hold

I'm not completely angry with Comcast, just VERY disappointed in the inflexibility. I am a world traveler for my work and have a vacation home in Tucson and a home in Chicago. I have Comcast in both locations. I've been a loyal Comcast customer without complaint for better than 17 years, never late with a payment. I'm confident I put someone's kids through school.


I infrequently get the opportunity to stop at my vacation home when traveling near it and had it on vacation hold. Nice feature. I used my services for 1 week and then am traveling for the next 4 months. I needed to put my account back on vacation hold and was even agreeable suggesting I'd pay the entire months services (I have triple play) since I needed the internet to do my work while here. Comcast declined to allow me more than one seasonal hold per year. I will be turning in my equipment today prior to departing, Im NOT going to downgrade my service and still pay big bills for something Im not using.


I then suggested to have just the internet stay live so I could monitor my security system remotely. No go. Its all or nothing unless I use Comcast security, which does not yet exist in my location. Oh, I can purchase just internet, but I dont have time to mess with that today and Im being inconvenienced. And convenience is what providing services and customer satifaction is all about. That's how you maintain a constant revenue stream... Duh.


I work for a high tech company, and am a Cisco/Microsoft engineer. I know that the software allows the services to be enabled/disabled. I refuse to pay $100 or $200 a month for services I wont be using for another 4 months just so I dont have to cart the equipment to the Comcast office.. Come on Comcast, what is your problem?


So, there is a bright side. While its inconvenient to turn in all my gear, the current package I was on is more expensive for what Im getting than if I just sign back up the next time Im out here. I lose my telephone number, well that is just great... I'll put in Magicjack for the phone, and satellite for the cable. Hmmmm, wonder where your revenue is going? Learn to flex your policies and ACCOMODATE the customer. This is Burger King, and I want it my way.


I did fail to mention that this entire week after my services was turned on, I kept getting an annoying registration page on my browser to enable my services even though they were already working... AND when I bypassed it, it shut my services down. Multiple calls to Comcast who had no idea what I was describing, and finally got it stable again on my own. The customer service agent insisted I press the RESET button on the back of the modem (I was on the phone which runs through the modem and told them that), which disconnected us. Unbelievable.

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Re: Vacation or Seasonal Hold

I can see Comcast may not be for me.  I have a seasonal job in the summer and a seasonal job in the winter.  I need two seasonal disconnects.  How the heck do they stay in business with this level of so-called customer service?