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Triple Play $89.99???

So I have seen/heard an offer for the Comcast Triple Play for $89.99 from three different sources in the last few days, yet when I check the Comcast.com website or call customer service nobody has any information on such a deal.   The first time I was offered this, it was from the technical support rep when I was having trouble with my Comcast internet service.  She said that if I switched my phone service to Comcast they could give me the Triple pLay for $89.  When she transferred me to Sales, they didn't have the offer.  Then I heard the same offer on the WSCR 670AM radio station here in Chicago.  Then again on a TV commercial.  Yet, when I try to call the 1-888-4-BEST-TV number, they know nothing about the deal.  Can't find anything other than the HD Triple Play offers on Comcast.com.


I was also able to find some ads around the internet from Comcast Direct Sales Reps offering the Triple PLay Preferred Plus for $89.99, but none of them are authorized for my area.



What gives????

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Re: Triple Play $89.99???

I did a search and found that a lot of those offers say that they have expired somewhere on the page. or it calls it economy triple play.


this guy here from  salt lake city craigslist claims he can do it here