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Phone Features, where can I find them?

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Phone Features, where can I find them?

I have always had good luck with customer service. Calls have been answered promply and issues taken care of. The Burlington, Vermont team is on their game.

The issues I have are:

RFD TV is supposed to be free. Used to have it, should still have it. It's part of a more expensive package now. Hm. Free tv for a fee... good one guys.

The other issue is just trying to find something as easy as an explination of what my phone service consists of. Trying to find something that tells me what prompts to use to forward my house phone to another number is virtually impossible on the homepage, among what the other features are and how to use them. And why am I paying $160 a month for my service when I keep losing channels but yet still have the ones I don't watch or understand the language? Do you actually monitor what channels people watch to see what's most popular and then move them to a more expensive package? Reallys starting to wonder why I pay so much for so little.

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Re: Phone Features, where can I find them?

I can point you to the Comcast Digital Voice manual that shows the features and how to access them here.


Many subscribers get a printed one when there service is installed.

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Re: Phone Features, where can I find them?

Since you've mentioned forwarding calls to other number, here I am going to provide you specific information on how you would be able to forward incoming calls to other number using Comcast Call Forwarding.


Call Forwarding has two types:


1. Call Forwarding Selective- Allows subscribers to pre-select incoming calls to forward based on the phone number of the calling party. Numbers to be forwarded are entered by the customer. 12 incoming numbers can be forwarded to another location. Calls from other numbers will not be forwarded. Voicemail will not pick up calls that have been forwarded.


To Activate: Dial *63

  • A menu of options will guide you to add, delete or review the numbers on your list. The last number called may be added to your forwarding list.

To Deactivate: Dial *83

  • When prompted, press 1 to turn the feature off.

2. Call Forwarding Variable - If you don't want to miss an important call, you can forward incoming calls from your home phone number to another number where you can be reached. Selecting this will forward ALL incoming calls to the other number.



To Activate: Dial *72


  • Press *72.
  • Listen for a dial tone. Dial the number of the forwarding location (Remember to dial 1 and/or the area code before the number if it’s necessary to place the call.).
  • Call Forwarding is activated as soon as someone answers. If nobody answers the other line, repeat the above steps and Call Forwarding will be activated (a tone confirms activation)


To Deactivate: Dial *73


  • A tone confirms deactivation


If you leave Call Forwarding on and receive a call after returning home, you'll hear a "ring splash," a short ring indicating that the call is being forwarded. You cannot answer the ring splash. It merely reminds you to deactivate Call Forwarding now that you're home.