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Live Chat Functionality is Horrible & Buggy

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I have no idea how to properly report this, so hopefully this will do. The actual bugs/issues are in bold. 


Basically, the live chat functionality on this site contains what appear to be very amateurish development decisions.  I was floored to discover that you literally pass all of the form field info into the URL, and as bad of a decision as that is, the cherry on top is the absence of a character limit on the Description field (facepalm).  


Here's what happens...


From the main Live Chat page (which looks like a mobile site & doesn't match the site design at all), the user selects their issue type & the form overlay pops up, allowing the user to drill down to a more specific issue type (the "I have a problem with..." drop down menu), and to enter a description.  

After submitting this form, the user is taken to a page where they can either login or fill out a few form fields.  



Here's one of the first issues - there is nothing in place to confirm whether the user is already logged in (this could be circumstantial, depending on how the user navigated to the live chat form). If the user is already logged in, they shouldn't even encounter this page. 


If the user entered a description that was too long, the following occurs..

  1. Sign In:  Takes you to a 404 error page (this is mind blowing)

  2. Manually filled info:  One of three things happen...
    1. The user is taken to a Comcast search results page (this makes absolutely no sense).  Ironically, it seems there's a connection between this and pressing "Enter" to submit the form, versus clicking the Submit button.  I have no idea why that would make a difference, but I'm testing it now and it's consistently going to the search page if I hit Enter to submit.  If I click, I get the 404 error (#2 below).  UPDATE:  I think hitting Enter grabs a different link then the Submit button... I'm pretty sure that's what's causing the problem. 

    2. The user encounters a 404 error (specifically if the description is too long, they fill out the form instead of signing in, and they click Submit instead of pressing Enter to submit the form.  A short description routes the user properly to the live chat app).  
    3. The user is redirected to the original live chat page with 4 validation errors indicating that the 4 form fields were blank (when they weren't).  I was unable to recreate this just now, but I encountered it several times yesterday and once earlier today.  I tested it just now while signed in and signed out, and  I did both with a very long and very short description entered.  I can't figure out what triggers this. 

All options result in forcing the user to start all over (all info the user entered is lost - this is a huge problem), and they'll eventually give up, or get lucky & enter a shorter description. The nature of this problem causes massive frustration, because a long description is the cause of the issue, but if someone's entering a long descripiton, it's because they're taking time to accurately & thoroughly describe the issue, only to lose everything due to your incredibly bug-ridden system.  


Imposing a character limit on the description field should fix most of these problems/bugs in the short term, but there is no question that this entire functionality needs to be rewritten to make any sense... especially considering that it's for a massive corporation... This comes across to me like it was thrown or piece-mealed together at some point and never revisited or cleaned up.


If I can help with troubleshooting or anything, let me know. It's enough of a nightmare dealing with customer service in any capacity (phone or live chat)... I'm laying all of this out in the hopes that other users in the future won't go through what I did yesterday & today with these bugs.