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False advertising about $250 gift card

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False advertising about $250 gift card

   I switched to comcast in July 2010.  At that time I was promised a $250 dollar gift card.  On and on and on it dragged with everyone i called telling me something different.  Today I get an email telling me it will be 12 to 16 more weeks.  This is not acceptable.  6 months?  I don't believe they have any intention of sending it and by dragging it out i'm sure most people will forget about it.  Not me, I'm calling the better business bureau if this is not taken care of today.

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card


The Comcast forum administrator has been informed.  (At least they seem to be communicating with you.)

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card

We will investigate this matter and resolve it for you.



Steve Teow

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card

Just wondering if you got this settled and what happened-250 gift card--would appreciate to know-having the same trouble

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card

I am having the same problem. My service started September 1st, 2010. I just happened to remember and called today. I'm getting a complete runaround. I've talked to 2 phone reps, 1 chat rep, and the rebate center number @ 1-800-526-3268.  The chat rep said I need to email: comcast_giftcard@cable.comcast.com . Not only is it a complete joke that I should have to email them, I just got a 'Delivery Status Notifcation (Failure)' message.


Horrible. Not to mention repeated attempts at resolving the picture/voice lag time with comcast cable. I've already had 2 number changes because they keep giving me numbers that collection companies continue to harrass our home with. The internet is about the only decent thing so far.


I need this resolved.

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card



How corrupt must Comcast be at the mid- to upper echelons to have this systematic method of robbing the common person! WOW--the hubris of these low-lifes who hide behind their near minimum wage employees and sub-contractors whom Comcast pays to unwittingly continue the corporate fleecing of their very golden goose--their own clients! "Too Big To Fail"??....how about "Too Big To Be Honest" for labeling Comcast in their treatment of clients nationwide! We need a Tea Party movement to slap the @%$!^& out of these executives but, alas, we all know it will not happen. Comcast and its executives pad the palms of politicians around the country I've no doubt (no, I'm not liberal--I'm a conservative realist) which perpetuates the cable industry's stranglehold on each market (i.e.: NO competition to speak of).


Why are we livid with this bunch of common theives? Simple: Same reasons you are! We signed up in late November '10 with service starting 12/12/10. The sign-up promo during this holiday period was the $250 VISA card and the HD Flip video recorder. Notice how that date is now...oh let's see...a "short" SEVEN months (when compared to some of you waiting nearly a year). We started calling to find out about the VISA/Flip in February 2011 filing Comcast's pathetic "Escalation" for the first time. Well, the children grew up, married and had children of their own (dripping sarcasim obviously).

  • You'll be shocked to hear (yeah right) NOTHING HAPPENED. So filed our SECOND escalation 2+ months later (having been originally told we'd receive the VISA/Flip end of March/early April  to find out what happend to escalation #1 in early May. At that time, Comcast put the worm on the hook and set it deep into our collective mouth by saying that a 2nd escalation on the same topic automatically moved it to Supervisor Review/Handling and that we'd receive a call back within 4 business days "we promise". Guess what--NOTHING HAPPENED AGAIN. Soooo...we called back to find out why Escalation, The Sequel failed to produce even a phone call. After over 25 minutes on hold I was informed a supervisor would call me back within the hour after getting off her current call. NOTHING  HAPPENED (shocked?). Sooo....we called back yet again to find out why no call back and were blatantly lied to that a supervisor had called back within minutes. Really?! Hhhhmmmm...Let's see...2 cell phone numbers and a home number that never rang and we were all home all afternoon and night so I called "B*llsh*t!".


Now it gets fun! Comcast claimed the hold was because they could not match up our (federally mandated) voice verification of the contract to the contract. Hhhmmmm....sounds like we don't have an enforceable contract then, eh? When I pointed that out and the fact I was ready to contact the Illinois Secretary of State's office to complain A MIRACLE HAPPENED! Umm...no one called me, mind you...I had to call back the next day...to learn "...we just processed your VISA order to a third party company that fulfills our orders {paraphrased}" and that we would be receiving a call from that company within 72 hours.


On the edge of your seat yet? Of course....NOTHING HAPPENED


Sooooo.....we called back again this past week and were offered "an escalation process" to solve our problem. Yeesh! If I was collecting a card for each supposed "help with your problem...we really do care" I'd have a full deck of playing cards now!!!


SO--WHAT DO WE ALL DO? Here's my suggestion:

....Call and email your Secretary of State/Corporation Commission and file a complaint.

....Be sure to send the link to these and other blogs that show the systematic methond Comcast has/is employing to blatantly lie to their customers in order to lock them into 2 year contracts.

....DEMAND the governmental dept. do something and report back. Remind them you vote and would be more than willing to engage the local TV stations' news crews close to election time.

....Keep on these *ssholes if for no other reason than to burn their employee time (that's their money folks!!) dealing with the legions of us they have intentionally screwed over!

....FIRE COMCAST!!!   Switch to Dish or DirecTV at the first opportunity (they have issues too but nothing like Comcast).

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Re: False advertising about $250 gift card

I'm sorry for the length of time concerning this matter. I will look into this now and someone will be contacting you.

Thank You