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Failed to show up for service

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Failed to show up for service

Today I was supposed to be receive a new bundle with phone and new cable options.  The technician was supposed to arrive between Am-AMA and failed to do so.  Comcast stated the technician called me at home and I did not answer; however part of the service was to add a phone line to my house.  So I do not know who the tech called.  When they never showed up I went about my day.  I called Comcast and explained the tech never came.  Comcast said they would credit my bill and reschedule my service on Sunday August 28, five days from now.  I told them its not right I have to wait five more days because they never showed for the service.  I was then told my request was sent to the tech supervisor and I would her back in half an hour on when they could be available.  After four hours I never received a call.  I called back and explained the situation again and was give the same story.  Again I was told I would receive a call in half an hour about when they could come out and I was never contacted.  The last time I called I explained the situation and was again told my information would go out to a tech supervisor and they would try to put me on a service list.  I was then told if there are no openings I have to wait five days because their tech failed to show on time.  I don't understand why I am being put on the back of the list when Comcast screwed up.  I have never had a problem with Comcast before but this is the worst customer service I have ever been associated with. 

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Re: Failed to show up for service

I've asked the Comcast administrators to look into this situation.


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Re: Failed to show up for service

a few questions?


 what is a-ama?


Comcast techs will call you first to see if you are home if you are not they will not come.  What number did you give comcast to call you at? I understand you are getting home phone service installed but you must have had some sort of contact info on your account when you called to make the appointment, did the tech not call that number at all?

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Re: Failed to show up for service



Did you ever receive your new bundle, if not please let me know?

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Re: Failed to show up for service

4 days worth of appts/rescheduled appts and no shows! Started last Thursday made appt for next day/Friday.  End of appt window I call and person I speak with says there is no record of any calls or appts.  So I make another for next day/Saturday.  Have spotty service on cell at home, get call 20 minutes into the appt window and try to answer. Listen to voice message instead which says Tech was at my house and no one home!  NOT TRUE.  I call back as immediately as I can given the lengthy autoanswering system.  They tell me I'm still in the window so they will send a ticket and someone will call back in 30.  hour later I call to say haven't heard anything.  They claim to send another ticket and say someone will call in 15 min.  I call back in 45 and say I haven't heard anything.  That person tells me that because I got a call to say tech couldn't reach anyone that my appt was cancelled.  They offer $20 for compensation and rebook for Tuesday.  I give home number to make sure no more spotty service and wait again.  I call just before window arrives to make sure it's still scheduled and they confirm yes.  1 hour in I call again as I have heard nothing and they put in a ticket.  I call at the end of the scheduled appointment to say there is a no show.  Again they cannot explain why the tech didn't show and why the appt no longer shows on their system. They schedule for next day/today/wednesday and the same bloody thing happens all over again!  What is the problem??? I'm currently waiting for a supervisor to reach dispatch and call me back with an update....