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Disconnect Comcast Service

I am trying to disconnect my Comcast TV and Internet Services.  I found that I could not get through by Phone (800-Comcast), and I also have no way to cancel it on the web.  Could someone advice how to cancel Comcast Services? 
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Re: Disconnect Comcast Service

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Call your local billing office-the number is on your bill.

You could also go to the office in person.


Best advice-of-the day: Return any Comcast equipment to the office and get receipts for EVERYTHING you return. Keep the receipts in a safe place, DO NOT LOSE OR MISPLACE THEM.

In the past, some people have received bills for equipment they returned. The receipts will be the proof you need if this should happen to you. It happened to me a few years ago. I received letters from a credit bureau informing me that I owed Comcast the full cost of 2 dvr's. Fortunately, I knew exactly where my receipt of return was and the issue was resolved quickly for me.

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Re: Disconnect Comcast Service

please disconnect my service.  I need an address to send the modem to. thank you k martell

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Re: Disconnect Comcast Service

You need to call Comcast or go to your local Comcast office to cancel.


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Re: Disconnect Comcast Service

yea good luck its a task 

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Re: Disconnect Comcast Service

im moving my internet only to Centurylink....$35/month with a 20mbps speed that works JUST FINE, thank you, Comcast...... hey, i was fine when they had only 6Mbps so, 20 is more than enough-and they had better not mess with me with their threats and Bullsh*it....they are a group of stoopid (sic) greedy people

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