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Customer "service"

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Customer "service"



This morning it took 4 calls to get the channels I used to get a couple of days ago back.  In the first call I was greeted with a representative that was helpful and had me in a package that would give me all of my old channels back and more for the same price.  I was very happy with how fast the service was and the programming I was going to be receiving.  The representative was having trouble with her computer being slow so she said she would call back. Two hours past and I had heard nothing, so I call the service hotline again.  


The second person I talked to was of little help, he did nothing to check on my last call all he said he could do was offer me either the double play (which I already have) or the triple play which  I don't need.  So I said no thanks and he transferred me to the "retention" hotline.


There I was greeted with a snarky lady who told me the first person I talked to lied to me and that there was no way I could get the service she promised me at that price.  After going round and round with her about services and customer "retention", how I have been a customer for almost 3 years now, and I am being punished for staying loyal, unlike others who switch companies every year to the the "new customer" rates from which she implied I do the same, the preceded to end the phone call with "I hope the earlier representative calls you back." and told me to have a nice day.


At this point I was pretty angry at 1) being lied to,  2) wasting my Saturday morning, and 3) having to talk to unpleasant costumer "service" representatives, but I called back again.  The fourth person was helpful, had less of a "chip" on her shoulder and heard me out.  She did ultimately get me into a service that gets me my old channels back, but now I pay $10 more a month.  


This is not what I wanted being a recent college graduate, teaching in a poor area.  I just want know, why is it that your representatives all seem to have been trained differently?  One listened and had a great deal for me. Another didn't listen and could only offer me 2 options. A third listened, said I was lied to and that there was no way I could get the service I was promised, and get service from a different company and come back in a year. And a fourth, was willing to help but did not go out of her way truly fix my problem.  


After reading  "We are committed to providing Comcast customers with a consistently superior customer experience. If for any reason something goes wrong, we will work to resolve the issue quickly and as professionally as we can," from your service webpage, I cannot say that was my experience at all.



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Re: Customer "service"

To get help, you can contact Comcast Corporate Customer Service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com) Send a link to this thread and your account details. You can also ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.

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Re: Customer "service"

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