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Comcast service appointments

Well- where should I start.

I finally got tired of giving Verizon my money so decided to add CDV to my internet and cable TV.

At the same time I received a series 4 TIVO, which requires a single M series card.

I made my initial appointment for both the CDV and cable card install.

I mentioned more than once that I needed an M type card for my TIVO.

I was assured that the phone and cablecard could be done with the same truck roll.



The day of my appointment comes (technician was late) and come to find he was not given any cable cards by his office. This doesn't seem too bad because he can set up the phone, go get the card, and then come back the same day.

The tech comes back about an hour or so later with two cards- both S cards which will not work with this TIVO. Okay- stuff happens. He sets up another appointment for the following day. All seems good and on a side note the phone is set up and working.



Second appointment. The tech shows up (not the same one, but late again.)

And... wait for it... YES! He has two S type cards. (which STILL do not work with the series 4 TIVO.)

Now I'm pretty sure that I mentioned the fact that I need one M type card.

So now this tech is agitated and on the pone with the office who apparently are telling him to try different menu options.

I think that if you put an S card in where the device requires an M card, and then a screen pops up that clearly says "Invalid card inserted. Please insert M series card.", then NO amount of menu digging will change the fact that the cards are WRONG!

I'm fairly easy going, but by now I'm starting to lose patience.

This tech says he'll be back with the correct card.

Okay fine.

Get a call some time later basically saying that the tech won't be back because "Comcast is out of M cards."


At this point I asked the person on the phone why the cards aren't marked S or M.

I was told that the S cards are not marked as such, but the M cards were marked as M.

Okay- then if I say I need an M card, and the first tech knows I need an M card, how about sending a card that's marked as an M card with the second tech???!!!!

Or how about sending both types, just in case?????

Would they roll a truck with two F connectors and a pre-cut piece of RG-6?????

How about keeping some cards on the trucks????

They're basically not much bigger than a credit card for crying out loud!!!!!

So now I make another appointment for 6/21/2010.



I called to see if I could get my appointment moved up to that day.

I was told no (understandable), but I do have an appointment for 6/21/2010, 5:00-7:00.

I was also told that it listed on the work order that I did in fact need an M type cable card.




I wait until about 6:50 to check on my appointment as I had not heard anything yet.

I was assured that a tech was still scheduled to come out this day, 5:00-7:00.

Around 8:00 I call and get told that the last appointment they show was on 6/19/2010, nothing after that.

Are you kidding me????????????

Two different people had told me that yes, I had an appointment for 6/21/2010, 5:00-7:00 and now there is no record of it????????????

This is beyond belief.

Oh and after all of this, I can't even get an appointment for the next day, I have to wait TWO days. 


For the record, I am not, and was not upset with the two techs that came to my house.

I guess they can only work with what's given them, and if my dealings with the 1-800-COMCAST csr's are any indication, it's not much. 


I really wish cable cards were self-install, (there's a Comcast office about 4 miles from me) but apparently that's not the current policy.


Sorry for the long rant, but this is just too much.


I would really like to know what (if any) compensation I can expect to receive for this fiasco.


Stay tuned for the conclusion.....


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Re: Comcast service appointments

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The Comcast forum administrator has been informed, and should be able to assist you.  Some Comcast offices allow self install of cable cards.  I did so with an M-card for my TiVo HD in January, 2009 (Redmond, WA office).

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Re: Comcast service appointments

Thank you WarEagle57.


I received a call from Comcast Executive Offices assuring me that the current appointment (today) will be kept and that the tech would have an M card and be experienced in installing cablecards as well.


I also received an appointment confirmation call.


I will post the results of this (hopefully final) appointment.

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Re: Comcast service appointments

Okay- this story has a happy ending-


The day of the appointment I received calls to confirm my appointment as well as one from the tech right before he showed up. I was able to explain what needed to be done as well as what had happened with the other techs.

He arrived on time and with the correct cable card.

After he got the card initialized I was good to go.


I also recieved two followup calls after the tech left, to make sure all was well.

I was advised that I will be getting a credit on my bill.


The bottom line is that Comcast finally came through and I am satisfied with the end result.


Thank you again WarEagle57 for getting this to the attention of the right people!