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Comcast is the WORST!!!!!!!!

Comcast is the WORST customer service ever!!! Between ripping you off on your bill, the ridiculous wait times, and the incompetent employees. Their business structure is an absolute joke, they give you a "promotion" for 6 months, when the 6 months is up the customer gets fed up and frustrated and calls, they have too many incoming calls to handle and not enough people, so customers get frustrated and yell at the employees. Why not just fix the root of the problem and give a flat rate service fee and stop ripping people off!!!

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Re: Comcast is the WORST!!!!!!!!

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until there is broadband and better cable tv competition comcast has no motivation to change how they do business.  They know people have no choice in most markets unless they want dish and lower speed for internet. Is it ethical?  No. Is it legal, sadly, as we know, it is