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Comcast Now Has 2 hour Service call window

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Comcast is advertising that they have overhauled their customer service and are now scheduling service calls in a 2 hour window. I am interested in seeing if this is really happening. Please post here if your are, or are not getting this level of service.

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Yes, in Boca Raton, FL. and if the tech arrives late you call comcast and they will credit your bill $20. It's in their Customer Guarantee.


So far, most of the techs have arrived in that 2 hour window and one time that the tech arrived late I called and got the $20 refund.

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Comcast does NOT have a 2-hour service window, at least not here in Perry, Florida!  After I had installed a second [replacement] DVR on one of my televisions, the second one wouldn't show any of the channels--even when it was pinged by Comcast.  An appointment was set up for the next day, or so I was told--which would have been 11 September--with a service window from 1:00pm to 5:00pm.  I asked what had happened to the 2-hour window advertised, and got no answer--just a reply that said I could schedule the appointment for a later date.  Since here in this little town near Tallahassee we have no other cable provider (and too many trees for a dish), we are rather at Comcast's mercy.  I took the 4-hour appointment, and on Tuesday, 11 September, started waiting at 1pm.  After some time, I got on the Comcast website (with some difficulty--they'd messed up my login), and found out that my appoint was really for the 12th of September, the NEXT DAY.  I called to gripe, and got a rather vague explanation that maybe it was because the 11th was a "holiday" (!!), and that my appointment had been made for the 12--and that it could be [again] scheduled for a later date.  So I took it, with a complaint, and a promise made to give me a $20 credit on my bill.  It is now nearly 4:30pm on the 12th, and I just received a call from the Comcast dispatcher that the technician (the only one they have available now in Perry!) was "tied up" on a job, and wouldn't be here until BETWEEN 5:00PM AND 7:00PM!  This is now a SIX-HOUR WINDOW!  I am furious.  This farce has gone on for 3 days, and started with a defective DVR (replacement for the one we had which didn't have the right connector for the TV set we are now using--HDMI), which we took back for a second replacement DVR and installed ourselves.  As I said, it didn't get service to us--something was wrong with it, too--and we were told we'd have to get a service technician out to check out the problem. 


I am so angry that I've yelled at a couple of dispatchers, yesterday and today.  It's probably not their fault.  BUT BELIEVE ME, THERE IS NO 2-HOUR WINDOW RIGHT NOW HERE IN SMALL-TOWN FLORIDA!  I'm technically savvy, and I can usually adjust and fix a TV and peripherals setup.  I couldn't fix this one, and am wondering if not only is Comcast not responding as advertised, but also giving out damaged DVRs/cable boxes.  Both of these were very obviously at least 2nd-hand, and the first one we received was actually rather battered. 


Comcast also raised our rates by a third this year, saying that our promotional period was over.  THEN we get this lousy service when they're advertising how wonderful it is!  If I had another possibility, I'd switch right now! 



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Just today 3/10/13 I scheduled a service call, The CSR rep scheduled me for this coming Friday (5Days aways) from 8am - 8pm. a 12 hour window? 

I was watching TV and saw a TV ad that guarantees a 2 hour guarantee. Thats why I am now researching this subject. Im kinda upset, and will call comcast in the morning.

Get Your Act Together Comcast.

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Just called comcast, rescheduled for 8am-10am (Hopefully). 

Lady spoke bad english, had mic too close too mouth when speaking, no one knows about this 2 hour window, but its Comcast/Xfinity Guarantee.


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I added a TV and called and they sent a new box. When I received it I plugged it in and it didn't work so I called and they pinged the box multiple times by multiple people and it wouldn't work. They set up a service call and they said they would be out between 10 and 12. I waited till 1 and called they said they would be there before 2 and finally showed up at 2:45. My next billing cycle I received a bill for 30 dollars for service call and no twenty dollar credit. When I called they said it would take 1 or 2 billing cycles for credit to show up. 3 billing cycles later and no credit. 

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I set up an onsite appointment with Comcast and when the technician was a no-show, I called up and Comcast told me the appointment was cancelled -- by whom? They don't know (at least that's what they told me, perhaps they were too embarrassed to tell me the truth.) If that's true, apparently, appointments can be willy-nilly cancelled with any tracking or audit trail.

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So much for the 2 hour service window gaurantee. I was scheduled for an appointment today between 8-10 AM. Got a call from dispatch at 9:50 stating that the technician is tied up at another job an would not arrive until 11:45 or so.  I can't wait as I have other obligations. No mention of any credit to my account. I will probably call and request one.  Not happy.

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tech showed up 1 hr 15 min late, no good reason, no good explanation (just running late), no credit. I was late for work, but I guess that's okay.

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The gave me an 11 hour window the other day and then never showed up.