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Cable Box Return

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Cable Box Return

Explain why when I had a technician come and exam the modem attatched to my computer, he advised me he couldn't take back the old one because he didn't have anything for me to sign yet when I made another appointment just to  have another technician take the modem, there was nothing he had me sign. So, why couldn't the first technician take the modem if neither one had me sign anything?

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Re: Cable Box Return

That's one I cannot explain. However, you should NEVER let a tech take any of your Comcast equipment and leave no receipt for the equipment. There have been numerous posts by people who have stated a tech took the equipment, got no receipt for it, and later Comcast billed them for unreturned equipment.


This is to late to help you but for future reference for you and anyone else who reads this:



When your equipment is picked up or turned in, GET A RETURNED EQUIPMENT RECEIPT. Make sure it documents that what you returned is a modem or tv boxes. If there are any stickers with serial or MAC numbers, make sure those numbers are on the receipt. Keep the receipt in a safe place, don't forget where you put it. Keep it until the middle of the next century. In the past, Comcast has billed customers for equipment that had been returned. Sometimes they lose track of the equipment and the receipt will be your proof that you turned it in to Comcast.


 If you ship the equipment to Comcast, record tracking numbers. Keep those numbers in a safe place. You will need them later if Comcast bills you for the equipment.

You can also check the status of shipped items on the delivery company webpage. When you see it was delivered, print screen the delivery status. UPS also offers Track By Email. Use that option. You'll be notified when it is delivered. Save the email-again this will be proof it was received by Comcast.


Print out the delivery confirmation (if your computer crashes and you lose the info the print out will be your proof of return) This should also be kept in a safe place where you can get to it if needed.

I know from experience that having the receipts can save you a lot of headaches. I was able to pull out my receipts when a collection agency notified me I owed for Comcast equipment that had been returned.


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