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Bury my Cable, Please!

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Bury my Cable, Please!

Never knew getting service from Comcast was such a painful process. My story starts back in April when the local electric company decided to change their pole which is located in my yard which also carries the comcast lines.. The new pole was installed about 2 feet away from the original pole. The original pole was left in place and Comcast was notified to move their service to the new pole. Comcast never came and six weeks later the electric company came back and removed the old pole letting the Comcast line dangling in the wind (literally). I called Comcast to fix the issue and after standing me up once, they showed up on June 7th and decided to replace the old line which runs underground after it comes down from the pole. They informed me that a crew would be back within 1 to 2 weeks to bury the new line. Needless to say, they never showed up. I called Comcast and they assured me a crew would come out on July 6th to take care of the issue. When no one showed up on July 6th, I called again. This time I got pushed to a "tier 2" representative who told me my job got pushed back to Sept. 3rd. He agreed that this was too long and wrote me up a priority ticket and said a local supervisor would call me on July 9th to set up a date to complete the job by July20th. Again, needless to say, no call. I called back today and after an hour and a half, I was told that the priority ticket that the tier 2 rep (Mike) wrote up was now closed. What!! They all agree that Sept 3rd is too long to wait for the line will get run over or mowed over by the landscapers well before that but no one can get me a time before Sept. 3rd. What can be done to get this simple job moved up. The original line was buried by one person and a spade shovel in about 30 minutes. It only goes about 4" below the ground. This is not a big excavation job! Can anyone help??

Re: Bury my Cable, Please!

Thank you for visiting the forums! Sorry to hear about your issues. 


I've asked a Comcast employee to help you. You should expect a reply in this thread.