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Visually Anomalous Posts, Increasing Numbers

Bronze Problem Solver

Re: Visually Anomalous Posts, Increasing Numbers

Invoking the old "it's not a bug, it's a feature" ploy.  Pretty hack-kneed.  It's obviously not working.

Problem Solver

Re: Visually Anomalous Posts, Increasing Numbers

How true, WTP, I'd go so far as to say that this latest version of the forums is one huge feature.    It's so chock full of "features" , I can hardly contain myself with the joy of seeing all the "new features" and the removal of all the nasty "bugs".   **sarcasm**      


@edron, could you give me a ballpark date of the "placeholders" in my posts?  I did a quick check back to Oct. of 2016 and didn't see any.  Thanks.

ciao, bj

Regular Contributor

Re: Visually Anomalous Posts, Increasing Numbers

BlueJay:  I already decided to keep this in mind to let you know.  Off the top of my head though, some (but not all) have beenprior to October 2016--the reason I can say that is because, all the "re-designs" of way too many things, all going on simultaneous where huge problems for me and I was non-stop looking for solutions.  We were well into 2016 (ha ha) Forum Re-design, though.  I noticed your posts/replies were very helpful BECAUSE OF  your screenshots.  I, even, went so far as to look in your gallery of images to see if there were some way for me to determine what image of yours might have been corrupted/sacrificed into one of these "placeholders." That did not help in my research.  When I do come across one, I will, absolutely, let you know.


On a side thought--the search feature in researching/finding anything is a tragedy.