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New customer cant access anything online through account.

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New customer cant access anything online through account.

I am a new customer and have a issue I need resolved. Here's a little background:


I ordered new service on April 28th with an install date of May 3rd or 4th, don't remember which and it doesn't matter because that all went fine and I have working TV and internet.


That same week I went online and was able to set up my comcast username and accessed my account to check all of my contact details. I changed my primary phone number to my cell number because I had put my wifes in the contact info for the tech that was installing my service, somehow that was the one associated with my account. Since then every time I log in I get weird errors.


  1.  On the my.xfinity site, when I log in at the top right corner of the site I see the HELLO! message, but there is NO USER NAME after the word HELLO!
  2. If I click on "My Account" I get an error popup that reads: "We are having some trouble connecting to My Account. Try Again" OR "Sorry A communication error has occurred. We have been notified and are looking into the issue. Please try reloading the page or coming back later. Reload"
  3. If I go to tv.xfinity and try to log in I get the Adding Device message and then I get the following error:"Sorry, we're having some trouble. XFINITY Stream is not available at the moment. Please try back soon. (Error xacsa.provision.11005: Error)"
  4. When I try to use the Xfinity My Account app on my iPhone I get a nice weird message that says: "You are logged in but we are unable to access your account details. Would you like to try again?"

To me this all looks like a broken backend connection to my account, and the poor tech support guy I talked to on either May 6 or 7th had NO clue what was going on and was getting the same errors I was.


I have already made the usual cache clearing efforts everyone suggests on chrome, firefox, IE, and Opera with no effect. I have tried some weird incognito workaround that I found here for a borked account login with no change. I have made all of these same attempts from work, home, and a few neighbors networks from multiple laptops and desktops.

This is getting frustrating.

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Re: New customer cant access anything online through account.

First of all, by reading your post carefully, several times, I can tell by your description of "Hello" (not followed by any name such as "Hello, Tom"), you must be on the old webmail e-mail user interface.  I am a very-long-standing customer and I only recently was migrated from the 'old webmail e-mail UI.  On the Forums, you will see threads containing 900+ replies to subjects like "2016 New E-Mail" which was rolled out in January 2016.  Users have NO CHOICE WHATSOEVER when they will be moved to the "New" platform.  I am such an example.  I am a bit surprised that as a new customer you were put onto the old webmail UI--this does not seem efficient or logical.


Also, additional recent aggravators have been the servers (plural) malfunctions: 1) the webmail "sign-in" server outage malfunction AND  2) the simultaneous e-mail, itself, server outage.  


I was put through the Comcast E-Mail Tech Support meat-grinder for more than 2 weeks.  This is when you have no other choice left, except to call (phone call) to the call centers.  This is a worst nightmare scenario.


However--because I was forced to go through this--I found out about a tiny tidbit--and only because I ask logical questions.  Here is one that even baffled the highest levels of e-mail tech support (based in the USA)--there are occurrences on the backend that an email username gets marked as "inactive".   My intelligent, logical questions (I do not mean to brag), was the only means to to even get them to take a look at the possiblility of such a glitch.  I have had the same username and password for years.


Lastly, IF you can get into your e-mail look for an e-mail from Xfinity--subject line  (paraphrased) 'you have the new e-mail'.  This provides a link for you to access the "2016 New Webmail UI."    Click on that link.  Of course, if you cannot access your e-mail, you will have to go through the Comcast E-Mail tech support meat-grinder like I had to.  BE sure to ask, though, if somehow YOUR username has been marked as "inactive."  OR, perhaps a Forum Official may be able to help you--The first thing to ask, though, is to have them check if your username has, somehow, been marked as "inactive.'  Forum Officials may NOT have the tools or capabilities to do this.


Importantly, this never effected my ability (that I know of) to access the Forums.  Needless to say, though, I could not get any Forum e-mail notifications.  This was also the case for other Forum members--all of whom could not get any e-mails for days due to the Comcast e-mail servers outages.


I hope I have help you.  What I was forced to go through was exhausting, time consuming, labor intensive, etc.

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Re: New customer cant access anything online through account.

I am the OP, and this isnt even close to my issue.


I was very specific about the pages I was on and the issues I was having. I was able to log into my account ONCE, in which time I didnt even check my mail.


I was aided by Ella on Reddit HERE and a problem was found with my username. She helped me regain access to my account via a secondary user name while my original problem is escalated and hopefully solved. 

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Re: New customer cant access anything online through account.

Wow, that is very interesting.  I did not even know that this other way to get help, ever, even existed.  Of course, I was replying to Edwardsdigital, so I had to read your reply more than one time.  (It was confusing that see that you, Tim_E was stating that he was the original poster--different avatar etc.)


What is the same, however, is that we both had something wrong with our username.  


Looks like you had a much quicker way to get your issue solved.  I did not want to create a different and/or second username, though.  That would have made extra complications for me that would not have been a good idea in my situation.

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Re: New customer cant access anything online through account.

I didnt create the new username, it was created for me by a comcast rep as and alternate while they look into the issues with my primary username (edwardsdigital).


I just stumbled on the reddit xfinity forum and posted basically the same info as my original post here and got a response pretty quickly. It's unfortunate that I am having issues, but at least I can get to my info now.

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Re: New customer cant access anything online through account.

Tim_E:  As you can see by now, that I have been the one and only reply to Edwardsdigital.  When I saw that he was a brand, new customer and my knowing what ALL has been going on with the E-Mail problems (LOTS), I wanted him/her (you) to feel that someone would care enough to reply to you quickly--rather than the way it has turned out so far.  No replies except mine and your reply as your own alias.  You did get two (2) kudos, though as Tim_H.


Best wishes going forward.