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Movers Edge is a Joke!

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Movers Edge is a Joke!

I called Comcast to move my service.  I wanted it turned on a week early at the new house on the same day as all the other utilities so I could use it as soon as I got a TV or computer over there.  I set the disconnect date at the old house for exactly one week later. I confirmed the dates with the customer service representative several times.  She kept trying to push me into adding $20 on my bill for a phone which I told her I could not use and a home security system which I also told her I could not use.  She just kept on and on.  This must have distracted her from her job because the very next day, Comcast disabled my personal cable modem, the one I purchased myself and was going to move to the new house.  I went almost a day without Internet until they finally straightened out the issue and reactivated my modem.  It did not end there. On Tuesday, in the middle of the week of my move at 6:30 in the morning, my cable TV was shut off.  When I called, I was told they could do nothing for me since my service was disconnected and I would have to call back after 8AM.  When I called back later in the day, I had to go through the entire spiel again, as if they knew nothing of what has transpired that morning. I was finally transferred to an account representative that asked me yet again for my phone number.  What is the point of inputting it into the automated call system if everyone you talk to has to get it again and start all over?  I got the TV convertor re-activated so I was without TV for a day.  These people do not know how to communicate or coordinate a move.  The Movers Edge program they advertise is a joke!

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Re: Movers Edge is a Joke!

I fully agree with with your post.  I called and tried to have my sevices moved and they kept telling me that I couldn't keep my promotion going because it was a different city that is literally 5 mintues from my previous address. So my option was to pay 30 bucks extra for less internet speed and channels.  Come on if I'm in a year long promotion then they should honor their word.  Really, you can't switch my information to a new address in the same county in the same state with the rate that I was locked in at?  SMH shame on this company.  If nothing changes I'm gone.