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Customer Service Lied to me!!!!

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Customer Service Lied to me!!!!

I was called last week by Comcast Customer Service and was told that my promo offer would be finished very soon and would I be interested in receiving updated internet AND 2 YEARS FREE CABLE TV!!!!  Of course, I said yes after verifying the TWO YEARS FREE TV several times with her.  Also, I told her with the limited stations I would be receiving that I might want to keep my satellite and that I was also under contract with them.  She said it would not matter because I could have BOTH cable and satellite at the same time.  I said yes and we set up a time for the installer to be here.  He did arrive on time, BUT, I found out that I would be charged $45.00 for the outlet to be installed, but I would not be able to have both satellite and cable,  and it did NOT come free for two years but only 6 months!!!  He was extremely nice...long story short, he left without adding any cable service.  I was not told of the $45.00 outlet installation and was LIED TO BY YOUR CUSTOMER SERVICE DEPARTMENT!!!  I am soooo mad I could bite a nail in two!!  To be flat out lied to about this is outrageous and your company needs to hang it's head in shame!!!  I do not intend for this to be my last words on this and will post on Facebook and call the Better Busioness Bureau!!!   Margaret B. Millar