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Costs and explanations

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Costs and explanations

Yes, I opened up my account to pay bill today and saw a nearly $25 jump in the price (and there is absolutely NO reason Comcast can't warn you on the prior bill "promotional pricing ending soon!"). I was with Fourway for several years and the BEST part (aside from the FACT the internet was reliable and techs FANTASTIC, the very few times needed) was the straightforward pricing that NEVER changed. Install payment and then it was $59/month. Unfortunately, Fourway is a smaller company and doesn't (quite) service the area I moved to (for now). Will be keeping that in mind, though.


I'd rather pay a little more every month (with the reliability and EXCELLENT, STRAIGHFORWARD communication and pricing, not to mention service). Too many of the big companies have the same model ... low (initial price) and lots of buried "gotchas" in the contracts (as I learned by reading through the forums). Was going to switch a couple months ago but the other company's salesperson (ATT/U-VERSE) lied straight out, saying the install fee would be waived. So I refused install.  Personally, I've spent more time trying to determine WHETHER $100/month is my only option (with Comcast) than it's worth. A company that forces people to jump through hoops MAYBE to get a reasonable price and (from others' posts) makes it clear you better READ THE ENTIRE CONTRACT FIRST isn't a company that really wants to be "first". It just wants $$$ and that's all the "customers" are. If so, I am just going to be done with it.


I browsed through these forums and people who've already jumped through the hoop(s) are told to "private message" and many of them, don't know whether they were satisfied with the "solution". I did the live chat earlier and was told I need to CALL to change services. I asked if there is a page with prices/plans (for existing customers) and was directed (back) to the same page I already visited when I went to "manage my plan" from my account. ALL the "promotions" required additional services AT REGULAR PRICE and are for NEW customers ONLY.  I've noticed some people have posted that "customer retention" is more or less a joke so no point in wasting time making the call ... bad enough I will spend the time and effort to return the equipment.


This is stupid. It reminds me of AOL back in the days of dial-up ... a "come-on" with the "gotcha" feature. A lot of places (outside the U.S.) offer MUCH faster speeds at lower prices ...  BUT ... "Time Warner Cable said in an email that comparing prices of stand-alone internet systems "doesn’t reflect typical consumer behavior in the US and could well skew any price comparison to a different marketplace" because the majority of their customers bundle internet with cable television. " https://www.theverge.com/2015/4/1/8321437/maps-show-why-internet-is-more-expensive-us-europe-competi...


FACT IS: NO!!!! I ONLY have "bundle" BECAUSE IT WAS THE ONLY WAY TO KEEP INTERNET ACCESS AT A REASONABLE PRICE. So it's clear that COMPANIES are skewing the data ... using that data to fulfill CORPORATE agendas, NOT to provide what customers want, at a fair price.  It's obvious that the data ITSELF is skewed, if customers sign up for "television bundle" ONLY TO KEEP THEIR INTERNET ACCESS REASONABLY PRICED.


Guess I can use the free wifi at the library and other places for the time being ... not needing all the "bells and whistles" nor did I want TV to begin with (especially not a Latino package ... ). And since the corporate response will be (drum roll) "sure we can unbundle BUT it will increase your price".  


I certainly don't appreciate being forced to bundle something I didn't want, need or ask for OR be forced to pay higher rates for internet service alone. If a MUCH SMALLER company (in my area) can offer straightforward, no-nonsense pricing and excellent reliability and service for LESS than Comcast, I'll just "go without" and save my money until there TRULY is a more competitve market OR the big companies quit using customers to fulfill their economic and political agenda and pretending that's the only option ... for the (so-called) customer.


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Re: Costs and explanations

I started going through ALL the bills. Unfortunately. I finally found where Comcast posts prices ... on the December invoice.


I, like many others, lost something called a "self-service discount" around July 2016, when my bill went up with no explanation. I was told I needed to sign up for -ebill BUT NOT told anything about auto pay. Since I agreed to a TV package to keep my INTERNET rate lower, I'm (unpleasantly) surprised to learn that had I enrolled in both e-billing and auto-pay, I would still have been eligible for the discount? I've done customer service and when I called, I just can't imagine someone so poorly trained they don't say, "hey, I noticed you are signed up for e-billing but not auto-pay" and that's a way you can save (if that is STILL the case ... guess a person has to do a lot of wading and it's all, for the most part "self-service" .


Since I was SOLD a tv package and now most of the increased charges relate to HD and TV access, I looked at the December statement and saw the lowest internet is $49.99 and the one I had $66.95. I guess returning the modem and using another is way to save money ... I've already paid $360 for the modem and I KNOW FOR FACT they cost a lot less everywhere (at some point, I mean even the rent to own places let you keep their overpriced stuff). Apparently though I have to "register" it or something with Comcast, not just plug and play?


I was really surprised when I went into the e-mail and saw the updated "promo" change was available on-line BUT not my original contract. The appointment stuff is in there but not the "plan" or contract. There's a whole chunk of time where no emails seem to be missing.


I agree, too, with a lot of what I've seen from other posts. It's too difficult to find answers simply and mostly, a person has to do it on their own. Plus, nobody tells you about the discount (and I would think it would be explained on the bill), at least not accurately. Maybe part of it is that there is no accountability, particularly with customer service. I've paid most of my bill, but I am placing the rest "in dispute" as I am sure Comcast can tell I haven't used the Latino package since an initial trial where I just unplugged the stupid thing and left it that way.  If the place is open Sunday, I'm going to return the equipment. Disappointed that communication is poor and not oriented toward the customer needs. But I wouldn't want to open myself to autopay without conditions .... I have a few companies I do that with, but I have never had a problem with a bill change "out of the blue" nor have I had difficulty getting a straight answer. Since it's clear that I can't count on that and I'm sure Comcast won't agree to "conditional" autopay (where regular charges are approved but anything else needs customer contact/approval before payment, no I wouldn't want to open myself up to that sort of financial nightmare either.

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Re: Costs and explanations

Hello dadda2. If you need further help with going over your bill, or the offers available to your account, I can help. If so, please send me a private message and include your full name, service address, and account number so I can assist you. 

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