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Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

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Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

One day I decided to get my cable tv and phone hooked up with my Internet I currently had with comcast
But in order to get the phone hook up the tech had to come out to do that. And I would have to pick up all the hardware at our comcast store in town.
So when I am there At the store I go to sign up with the service and they say it would be like $165 and that would be sent to me.
They transferd our AT&T phone # to there service so we got to keep our old number but just in case I didn't close the AT&T account
Well I didn't like the service form day one (we got all kinds of interferiance daily that you would get on a super rainy day with a satellite , the menu sucked and hard to figure out, nothing like directv's menu ,

Well when I get the bill it's not $165 it came to $700+
So I un-hooked everything and returned to the store and told them I was told it was going to be $165 and I get this huge bill well they give me. 30 guarantee if I don't like the service they would put me back to my old service.
Well they did but I still ended up with a bill like $375 witch I still don't understand how my old overdue bill was like $65 .
Anyways I paid that off but when they disconnected the phone and I went to connect my old line up we didn't have a dial tone.

My mom has this lifeline service that needs a phone line 24/7 to call out when she hits the button.

So I goto check the phone lines outside and they are cut.

I went to comcast and tell them our AT&T phone lines are cut and mom has this lifeline that needs a phone
This person I talk to tells me it's not there fault and it didn't get far after that and I had to leave. I was so upset I couldn't go any further I have high blood pressure .
So I had to wait till I could find some one with a cell to try to fix this.
When I finally get on with a living person and tell them what happen they said the would put a damage report on it and they hooked me up but I had to go back to get the modem to hook up the phone line again.
But when I hook it up for some reason were not getting any calls in.

After a week we start getting calls for a tattoo place (they had given us some one else's phone number )
So I call to get our old phone number back and they have no record of that number.
.. Omg what ever. I gave up and just delt with it. Till I get the next bill.
Another large bill. Ever since the day I go to hook up cable service comcast has screwed me over.

My mom and I are disabled , we are on social security and can't afford these huge bills they stuck me with.
I had to pay for just to be able to keep the phone turned on. Since the AT&T lines were cut we can't use our AT&T line.
I did try again to get our old phone number back and it looked like I was getting somewhere with that.
They then gave me one final phone number to call to complete the transaction and it hooks me up with some sort of technical answering service that I defiantly don't understand . It ask me to enter codes to some sort of service or enter another code for the 2nd service etc.
Or enter # to go to next service etc..
They gave me some tech line alright. Way above my comprehension.
I just said #%~ F -it

And we are still not getting anywhere with the repair of the cut phone lines.

If I could get anywhere from this post I certainly hope it gets to some one in charge. And possible get some funds returned I certainly didn't deserve to pay.
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Re: Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

I would recommend that you send all this information in an email to the We Can Help Team for assistance.




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Re: Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

Comcast rewired your inside wiring to work with thier service.  They will either need to go out and do the cross connect for you or you will need to contact ATT to have them do the cross connect for you.

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Re: Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

If Comcast cause the problem. Why call someone to fix a Comcast problem.


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Re: Comcast cut our AT&T phone line and never returned to fix

Comcast isn't necessarily going to look at it as an issue they cause, you installed service with them, they set up the wiring in your home to work with it and did the cross connect.


If you went back to ATT then they will have to come back and do the cross connect to thier service at the NID.  I understand not being happy with comcast on this but ATT functions in the same fashion.