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Comcast and Integrity

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Comcast and Integrity

WOW!! I wish I had a magic lantern,  I would rub it and make Comcast disappear.


Hey, I know...let's play a word game........


1. Customer.....the buyer or user of the paid products of an individual or organization. A customer is someone who frequents a particular shop, who makes it a habit to purchase goods of the sort the shop sold there rather than elsewhere. The customer is increasingly seen as the raison d'être of the supplier.

(Pay particular attention to the word elsewhere)


2. Raison d'être.....a phrase borrowed from French where it means simply reason for being; in English use it also comes to suggest a degree of rationalization, as the claimed reason for the existence of something or someone. (Pay particular attention to the word existence)


3. Integrity.....adherence to moral and ethical principles; soundness of moral character; honesty, used especially with reference to the fulfillment of contracts.

(Pay particular attention to the word fulfillment)


4. Fulfillment.....to bring into actuality; to carry out; to measure up to; satisfy.

(Pay particular attention to the word satisfy)


5. Satisfy.....to be sufficient or adequate: to give satisfaction.



Now lets see if we can put the pretty red words into a paragraph that some hot shot at comcast can read and comprehend. Are we ready.....OK, here goes.........



Once upon a time, a long, long, time ago, there was a creature that walked the earth in abundance; they were everywhere. They flourished, their popolations were great in number. This creature was known as the satisfied customer. This was a proud creature, very high on the food chain. He was vital to the existence of many other life forms, one of those being the grateful organizations that would scurry about, trying thier hardest to satisfy his every need. They had to, it was their role to satisfy them......it gave them great fulfillment.


As time went on, the satisfied customer became very elusive, their numbers had dwindled to the point of near extinction. Meanwhile, the organizations evolved into large and very dangerous creatures. Their appetites grew. They roamed the land and would devour all the smaller organizations, becoming even more powerful and eventually their appetites became insatiable.


Being a direct descendant of the nearly extinct satisfied customer, now known to be the main staple for the organization creature's diet, I have evolved into a small, nearly invisable creature whose only known role is to satisfy the organization creature. I may be small but am not hard to spot in the wild. I am that creature that can be seen eating the dung piles of the organization creature. At any given time, there will be millions of us dining on this delicacy that is so great in abundance....but, alas, we are not allowed much time to savor this meal, for the organization's appetite is so fierce, it will rear it's ugly head and with a skill and such precision as can not be described, it will devour us in one quick swipe of it's huge and slimy forked tongue, and not making contact with one tiny piece of it's own rotting dung. It is truly an amazing but learned feat.....remarkable indeed.


But wait, what is coming on the horizon. What can it be? Oh, silly me, it's one of me, the customer. I am here with a plea to save the dying breed. It is my hope that we can find a way to repair this part of the ecosystem, so that the organization creature does not wipe out this once proud member of the planet's past. We, as responsible members of this planet, owe this to the future generations.


Oh but wait, there is another creature coming on the horizon. I wonder......could it be? Do my eyes decieve me? Oh my, it's another creature to be feared. One that with any hope will someday evolve,and become the organization creature's greatest predator. It is a powerful creature that has no known predators at this time. Througout the ages it has shown it's prowess. That creature is the attorney.


We may never know, but one day, this planet may be free of a creature that has no known useful purpose, besides making itself hated by all, will become extinct.


The End



Sad to say, and as sarcastic as this note seems, this is what companies such as yours have turned me into. No kudos for you and probably none for me also.


Open those greedy eyes of yours and try to realize that you won't always be the monopoly you are today. People can only be jerked around for so long.........DUH


Oh, in case your eyes are still closed, might I add that I think your company #@%$s


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Re: Comcast and Integrity

Oh, I hope that somehow, I don't all of a sudden start having more problems with my services as a revenge thing.
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Re: Comcast and Integrity

I only wish I had the creative ability to explain my total rage and disgust with Comcast as the post I am replying to. My account is for my business and after 35 emails dozens of phone call involving hour upon hours of time and 5 months effort to still not resolve problems but just the opposite things have gotten worse I am left speechless. I can only hope that there will be some legal action taken against Comcast!!!


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Re: Comcast and Integrity

It is now 6 years past since this post (it's 2015 as I add this comment) and there is one thing for sure, Comcast has not changed! I guess they get an A+ for staying true to the company mission. I can't say as I've read their mission statement but I'm fairly sure it says something about charging nonstandard prices that vary per user (note user not customer as Comcast has no customers) while offering no support and often not even the service they contracted with the user to provide (which if you read the fine print ACTUALLY states Comcast may remove or refuse or discontinue the services offered in contract at its discretion while payment will still be expected!). Given this contractual fine print, I guess we users are getting what we ask for when we consent to do business with Comcast! I can't see any legal action being taken bc Comcast has itself covered against that.
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Re: Comcast and Integrity

Do you actually have an issue you need help you or just revive a long dead thread. There are people here that can help you.