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Comcast Sucks!

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Comcast Sucks!

Friday night my TV service and Phone service go out for absolutely no reason.  When I call comcast Friday night, I am on hold for over 1 hour, and decide to go to bed and try in the morning.  I wake up the next morning and still no services.  I call comcast and I am told that they disconnected Phone and TV at my request.  I am here to tell you that there a better chance for a snowball in hades, than me requesting to have my services cut off.  After being hung up on, being put on hold for over 30 minutes, I finally get through to someone who informs that it will take 24-72 hours for service to be repaired.  I asked "Why should I have to wait, when it was your fault that my service was cut off?"......I am sure you all know what answer I got.   "I am sorry sir, and I do appreciate you being out of service, but.............(end result was, she had no power to do anything).   I then asked to get credited for the days im out of service.  "Sir, I can't credit you, but I can transfer you to another that can.".............On hold for over 1 hour with that department before I finally hung up and gave up.  Magic Jack for the phone service,  Direct TV for TV service seems to be the only way I can get TV and phone turned back on in my house.   Comcast sucks!!!!

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Re: Comcast Sucks!

I truely understand what you went through with them, I had similar experience and I am going to stop my services with comcast if they refuse to work with me. Please tell me do magic jack also have internet service? I don't like the services I received from comcast, the phone service sucks, internet service sucks, I don't watch television that much so I have no complain about their cable service, upon the poor service they provides they are very costly. If you think you have a solution for me please let me know. Thank you

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Re: Comcast Sucks!

Update......Comcast is gone!!!  Direct TV for my TV.  Verizon MiFi for internet, and Magic Jack for home phone.  Reduced my monthly bill by 80 dollars, and couldn't be happier.


Comcast sucks!!!

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Re: Comcast Sucks!

I have to agree with you comcast sucks big time. I had similar issues with them no phone or internet for two weeks they were supposed to send out a tech they just came into the parking lot then turned right out. I was fuming called them and told them I wanted my bundle free for a month they told me only $10 I said that is unacceptable I said I want to speak to  a supervisor she gave me the same song & dance I told her if I don't get satisfaction I am reporting them to the attorney general's office channel 4 in pittsburgh consumer complaints and anyone else she said "do what you have to do" so I did I contacted television officals as well as the state attorney general's office channel 4 news called me back the next thing I know I get a call from comcast's vice president giving me what I asked for and he admitied how lousy customer service is.

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Re: Comcast Stinks!

Run around by Comcast on 9/4/2012 - I had a simple issue - I need a box with HDMI output.

I contacted customer service in Charleston SC numerous times. We are trying to swap out our Explorer Set top box for a box that has HDMI output. When we call Charleson telephone numbers it rings through to customer service and we are talking to people in Atlanta. Customer service recommends disconnecting our current set top box and taking it into the local store to swap for a box with HDMI out. My wife disconnects the box and drives accross town to try the local store this morning in Mt Pleasant SC. Once there the store stated they did not have the equipment, had been out of the equipment for quite some time and could not tell us when the equipment would be available. They did not offer to check any other locations. So I again called customer service. They offered to send a box with HDMI out for a UPS charge of $9.95 billed to my account. So after having me disconnect my own box and go to the local store only to find there are none available I now have to pay $9.95 and wait 5 days to receive the box. I asked if other stores in Charleston may have the box with HDMI output. Pasqual at customer service put me on hold twice and checked. He spent some time and I was convinced he really tried to find a local number where he could call the stores in the Charleston SC locations. But after some time he explained he did not have access to any of the local store phone numbers and could not tell me if any had the equipment required. He suggested I go to the main store near Leeds Avenue in North Charleston since they were large and likely to have the most equipment. I went to the North Charleston location. They did not have any boxes available and had not had any of the boxes with HDMI output for quite some time. The warehouse could not tell them when any would be available. I requested the store in N Charleston check with other locations in the area. They contacted the Goose Creek SC store who had the equipment available and agreed to hold one in my name. (SO the stores can call each other but customer service has no access to local numbers?) I rushed across town in heavy traffic after work to get to the Goose Creek store at 5:59PM.They had locked the doors early but there was one customer left and 3 Comcast representatives inside.. None of the Comcast personnel would come to the door so I waited until they had to let the one remaining customer out. I explained I was there to pick up the set top box that the North Charleston store had contacted them and requested be held. I explained I had driven quite a distance to get to the location.. The representative locked the door and walked away.

Rick Germano - Is there any element to my experience that demonstrates Comcast Customer sevice policy of providing 100% customer service and treating the customer with respect.

Bill Watson as Vice President and General Manager in the Charleston Area has become complacent. He is not actively running the day to day operations or making any effort to improve the service.

Keri Dawkins as Custimer Care Manager is a complete and total failure as well.

Is the Comcast Custimer Service Guarantee backed up by any action or is it simply an advertising gimmick? Based on my experience today it is simply advertising and means no more than a laundry detergent advertisement tellng you it will remove stains when in fact it will not, Does your office have any authority to audit the local VP and General Manager here in Charleston? He has become complacent over the years and while seemly well connected and actively involved in the community it appears he ignores his core function of running the day to day operations or insuring the Comcast customer service Guarantee is backed up in any way.. How can I contact customer service via a local number but then get a call back from Atlanta only to be told there is absolutely now way for customer service to contact the store in the local area? That is catastropic failure and violates most every point in the Comcast Customer Guarantee.


A customer that has spent hours trying to get one simple thing accomplished and has spent hours calling and driving accross town only to have the door shut in his face by Comcast representatives who have zero commitment to customer service.


Update to the content above.


I complained to Rick Germano's office at corporate evening of 9/4/2012. A person from corporate contacted me 9/5/2012 and offered to assist in getting the set top box with HDMI out  I had already been the local store and gotten the correct box. The person from corporate reduced my bill and is providing a premium channel for 3 months at no additional charge due to the trouble I encountered. The contact left their name and a phone number where they can be reached should I have further trouble.  So in my case complaining to corporate did result in action and my hat is off to the person at corporate who contacted me. Sincere thanks.

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Re: Comcast Stinks!

Yep, they suck.  The visa prepaid card is a scam.

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Re: Comcast Stinks!

I have notifed the Administrator of your issue.

Need Email Help? Please post the following information in your post.
Do you use XfinityConnect? The Full or Lite version?
Do you use an email client? Which one? (Eg; Windows Live mail, Outlook, a smartphone etc.)
Which browser/version do you use? And- have you cleared your browser cache?
Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
Details of the problem you are having.

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Re: Comcast Sucks!

I have been receiving calls from Comcast sales trying to get me to purchase more services.  I only have cable right now.  They keep asking me how much I pay for internet.  I tell them over and over to stop calling and am told they will put me on their internal do not call list.  I advised them if they call again I am going to cancel my service.  They called again and I cancelled my service.  The rep on the phone that handled my call did not seem to care one bit.  No apology and did nothing to try and keep me as a customer. 


I find it odd that they harass trying to get me to pay for more services and could care less I cancel them.....that's really poor customer service. 

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Re: Comcast Sucks!


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Re: Comcast Sucks!

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Re: Comcast Sucks!

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