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I am supposed to be on a promotion since november. i am getting billed way to much. i have called numerous occasions been on hold for hours. chatted online and there is still no fix to my problem. i was told not to pay until the account was adjusted and now they are shutting off my service. you tell me not to pay until issue is resolved. then shut me off and expect me to pay past due balance for amount im not supposed to be charged in the first place. COMCAST YOU ARE WRONG. Then i post on here and you delete my post. idiots. the only employment requirement for this company must be breathing because you are horrible at what you do.

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Forget about calling customer service. Instead do the following:


Although it isn't obvious, this forum is generally a customer to customer forum and is not actively monitored by Comcast. Although Comcast employees (their usernames are in red) are often here to help, they may not see your specific post.


You can send an email to
Comcast corporate customer service (we_can_help@cable.comcast.com).

For the quickest response, please include:
Your full name;
Service address;
Phone number & an alternate number if possible; (best contact number/time to call)
Account number;
A link to your post. (click edit in your post, choose Highlight. Copy, then paste the URL which will open directly to your post)


Or you can ask for help in the Broadband Reports Comcast Direct Forum or via Twitter.


You will not hear from a team member. One of them will contact the right person in your area and that person will call you.


It generally does not take long to get resolution when the we_can_help team gets involved. Since this is the weekend you may not get a response until early next week.


About that removed post:


It violated the forum guidelines. .


Forum Guidelines

(which everyone should read before making his/her first post) state

Please Don't


 2. Use Profanity

Please keep your posts clean. Our forums have an automated profanity filter to block out inappropriate language. Please do not circumvent it by finding colorful ways to approximate or disguise those words. If you are caught trying to bypass the filters in any way, your posting privileges may be revoked.



Your post here will remain IF you edit your post to remove the word idiots . (When you do that I will remove it from this post). If you don't remove it there is a possibility the entire post could be removed.


Please Don't


10. Insult (flame) other Community members


We ask all members to discuss issues and disagree with other posters without resorting to or responding with insults, whether they are blatantly offensive or subtle and indirect. Responding to an insult with an insult makes a poster as guilty of flaming as the original poster. Flaming is the act of posting messages that are deliberately hostile and insulting. These types of posts are not allowed and can result in the immediate revocation of one’s forum posting privileges.





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Join the club. I came on here to complain about my experience with these people and they deleted 99% of my posts and banned me for a few days. They claim this is a customer to customer forum but the fine folks at comcast seem to step in and delete any posts that they feel is harsh but TRUE.


I wouldn't be surprised if they delete this post then ban me again for posting it.


And I love how some "super posters" say to contact comcast directly with your problems. HELLO!!!! People are posting here because they are angry because they get nowhere when trying to deal with comcast.


The millionare excecutives at comcast should read some of the material here. Maybe they will see how unhappy so many of their customers actually are. I doube they would care though.

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Wow - this is a crazy way to conduct business.  I received a statement  for a ridiculous amount and have tried over and over to contact you with no success.

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Use the email address in Queen Evie's response.



I have used that email address countless times. I would have better luck emailling the lottery commision and asking them to rig the ping pong balls in my favor.

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why should anyone be surprised by Comcast's lack of service or poor performance.  Simply put, they SUCK!  Their service is the worst.  Today someone was supposed to come out and replace my old cable box for our new HD TV in our living room.  The guy who set my appointment, great.  The guy who called to say he could not make it, great.  Their service, SUCKS!  The technician calls and apologizes that he can come out but he doesn't have the box and then advises me that I need to schedule in the early morning because they apparently run out of that equipment on a regular basis.  WHAT?  You have a billion dollar company and you can't get enough HD cable boxes to fill customers needs?  That is your business, right?  You suck!  This is not the first time they have provided horrible service, just the last.  I quit.  I'm trying to call and terminate my service but finding the number is next to impossible.  That's a big surprise!!!!

Good luck to all of you people who continue to put up with their horrible service!



Well I find it hard to believe so many customers are so unhappy with this fine organization. From the phone calls I had with these people I was made to feel like I was just in a rare and unfortunate situation.


Afterall they are a top rated company in customer service right? LOL

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Comcast has been the worst experiance I have ever had in internet/tv service your lines are slow almost dead i know this from constant experience with degrading latency and a deplorable pacet ratio and no its not the equipment i had a friend who works for another company com and test the line(i would gone with his but its saddly not avalible in my area yet) and his equpment showed a dramatic degredation in the service we then tryed the modem at a diffrent house and much improved results i haven't had comcast long, about a month, and after the insallers had to try 3 diffrent boxes (according to them because the signal was a "little spotty") i had to call customer service and i first explained the problem and said i just need the line reset his response was to ask me if i was an expert in cable lines i said no he said "didn't think so" and after 10 mins on the phone with this extremly rude crass and insulting individual he arrived at the conclution that he needs to reset my internet line, like i said 10 mins earlier comcast is more expensive than the last provider i had and has less options worse service and insulting customer service so yes as soon as ATT U-verse is avalible i will be switching. Me and 4 other house holds i talk to on a regular bases that have comcast now. So good luck with that!

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What I have learned from Comcast and their "promotions" or specials is .... KEEP METICULOUS NOTES.


Document the date/time you call; get the agent's name and their ID number.  Also write down all information such as what you are going to be paying and for how long (get the start/end date).  Before you hang up, ask the agent to repeat it and clarify if it's different from what you wrote down.


Then -- when your bill arrives and their is an error, call back and advise of your documentation.  It's essential to have your ducks in a row.


I swear Comcast billing "hates" me.  I say that with some humor, but it sure seems that way.

"CUSTOMER SERVICE" means providing
s-e-r-v-i-c-e to the customer, not the other way around.
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i agree 100 percent


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On 1-19-2012, I rec'd a letter from Comcast indicating that they required a past due payment of $153.50 by 1-20-2012, or my services could be interrupted or suspended.  Therefore, I called their office and was connected to their automated billing system so I paid the requested amount of $153.00.  On 1-20-2012, I called their office and was told that no payment had been made to my account.  I called my bank and received info that the funds were taken by Comcast Communic on 1-20-2012.

When speaking with Comcast again they opened a search for the funds, and assured me by an agent an agent supervisor and by someone who was in the re-search department that while the search was in progress (Apprxy 10-15 business days), services would not be interrupted. Which was not the truth. On Sunday 1-29-2012 my internet service was blocked and no one who could restore would be available until Monday 1-30-2012. On 1-30-2012 I was informed that a payment of $137.38 the most recent billing statement, needed to be given before they would restore service. He said to make the payment of $137.38 in person or use the automated phone system to assure that it is rec'd immediately, I promised that I would make the payment on Wednesday 2-1-2012 using the phone.  On 1-30-2012 I spoke with an agent supervisor whose name is Daniel.  His operator i.d. is D-T-2, he gave me a phone extension in which to speak directly with him.  However, he has yet to be reached at the extension he gave me. He said that I should forward him something from the bank showing that the payment of $153.50 was indeed made on January 19,2012, and accepted by them on 1/20/12.

On 1-31-2012, I faxed a statement to supervisor Daniel from my bank showing that the money was accepted by Comcast Communic.   

On 2/1/12, as I agreed I made a payment of $137.38 over the phone. On 2/1 an automated message said that the payment was pending and may take up to 24 hours to post, as in both cases I was given a confirmation number. Today is Thursday 2/2/12, and now I'm being told that no payment has been made, even though my bank shows otherwise.  No one in this BILLION dollar operation can get to the bottom of where my money is going when it goes from me to Comcast Communic.

I am not happy!

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Do this:


You may send an email to the We Can Help Team at:  :We_can_help@cable.comcast.com

.Please include all of the following in your email:

Service address

The full name on your account

Home phone number & an alternate number where you can be reached if possible

You Comcast Account number

A link to this Thread

A detailed description of the problems


The We Can Help Comcast Team is very good at resolving problems quickly.


Need Email Help? Please post the following information in your post.
Do you use XfinityConnect? The Full or Lite version?
Do you use an email client? Which one? (Eg; Windows Live mail, Outlook, a smartphone etc.)
Which browser/version do you use? And- have you cleared your browser cache?
Which operating system? XP, Vista, Windows 7, Mac OS X
Details of the problem you are having.



What the company has done is to insulate its management from the customers.  These forums are moderated by allegedly uncompensated moderators who claim to have no authority.  They then give the customers the standard contact information for the company and off you go into the bureaucratic maze. They did the same thing to me, and I just ended up being called by the same person with whom I originally spoke and who caused my problem in the first place!  She did nothing for me the second time around.


The company apparently has little concern about customer retention, as evidenced by the volumes of unaddressed complaints on these forums.  There really are only two ways to go: 1) dump them, and 2) pursue judicial and administrative remedies with the appropriate authorities.  


The problem is that there is so little competition for cable service in any given area that they can get away with mistreating customers without fear of reprisal. 

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anon149164 wrote...These forums are moderated by allegedly uncompensated moderators who claim to have no authority

I can only speak for myself but there is no allegedly about it. Comcast doens't pay me one red cent for my time here. I trust that the other volunteers and experts are the same.

But no arguement that some of the information provided to other customers by myself and others only leads into a maze. Crazy way to run a company.


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