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Bad customer service

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Bad customer service

Let me start with saying this is no way to run a company, my neighbor called to disconnect a internet phone line. The tech they sent out was neither trained right or experienced enough to know what house he was working on. Instead of disconnecting my neighbors phone line he disconnected my entire service which is Triple Play leaving me with no TV, Phone or Internet service. I live a few miles from comcast in Cherry Hill, NJ. I tried to contact comcast and was connected to persons working in the Caribbean and in Asia to have my service put back on.It seems to me frustrating that trying to talk to someone who can't understand me and I can't understand them. For all the money I spend month you think you could do a better job at customer relations. I was considering adding the Home Security service, not now. I have been a customer for a 33 years before you lose people like me and others, comcast get it together. Again this is no way to run any company wake up and smell the toast burning.

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Re: Bad customer service

Comcast needs to improve customer service.(Should be job #1) Try this link.http://www.comcast.com/Corporate/Customers/CustomerGuarantee.html


Tell them to give you credit for their bad work. 1-800-comcast. Vote with your pocket book. If you have another service supplier,check them out. 


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Re: Bad customer service

I just encountedred the most amazongly bad customer service I have ever seen or heard about




Bad usability of the automated system;


Non native English speaking customer service reps;


Non knowledgeable customer service reps;


Rude customer service reps.


Each of the above, in isolation, is not good. Combined, I think they make Comcast a strong contender for worst customer service of any company or organization, ever.


15 hours of customer service calls to get phone and internet working...

I added phone and internet service 3 days ago.  It has been a total nightmare.  Underlined items will denote where I was misled by Comcast.


-Placed order for new service was given 2 years of great pricing.  Was assured that I did not need to have a tech come out to do install, even thought I have a home alarm system.  Was assured I could plug my phone into a phone jack after self install.  Shouldn't take long to install and have everything working.


-Received Modem in mail a week later on Thursday.  Then informed that I could not have it hooked up to phone jacks, so now I can't use my fax.  Called customer service and they are sending out a tech to install so modem to phone jack, at a reduced price.


-Spent about 5 hours on cell phone to get everything hooked up and working.  Modem not activating, home alarm system now down, because phone not working.  Get phone and internet up on 2 laptops, iphone and ipad.  Alarm system still down.


-Friday afternoon entire system down.  1st call to customer service I am told theres a service issue in the area will be fixed by 5 pm.  At 6 pm still down. Now customer service says there was never a service issue in my area.   Also told my new modem is bad.  After another 5 hours on my cell phone, issue still not resolved.  Am told to fix gateway and get wireless running need to pay $9.95 a month and will waive $39.95 enrollment fee.


-Saturday decide to pay the $9.95 to get my wireless working, enrollment fee will be waived.  Not sure what Country handles the sign up for tech support, but the English was horrible and they were reading from a script.


-Talk to tech, get wireless fixed. Tech was wonderful and spoke English.  System crashes again.  Call 2nd tech, he spoke English and was wonderful.  He asked me if I understood the terms of my agreement, I was given.  He amends my account to make sure I am charged what I was told, because I was given incorrect information on tech support pricingAlarm system still down.  Took a total of 5 hours to fix.


Am posting this as a cautionary tale to others.  Was promised much by package salesperson and tech support salesperson, which was deceptive.  Spent a total of 15 hours, over 3 days, to get phone and internet up and running.  Had to use my cell to do so because phone service crashes when they reboot modem.  Free Comcast support applies to getting your phone and internet running, NOT Wi-If.  Wi-If is fixed for a fee from advanced technical support. 


The upside is that my phone has a ton of options and my internet is fast.  Unfortunately it was not worth the nightmare I experienced with terrible customer service, deceptive salespeople and 15 hours worth of runaround.  If the repairman can't fix the phone jacks and have the phone support my alarm system, I will cancel my service.  Please be aware. 


I wanted to send this as an email to Comcast, but Comcast doesn't allow that option.

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Super Bad customer service and auto renew contract.

First You have to be careful Do not use comcast to your business.

They will give you big problem for Long Autorenew contract.

When I close my business I find out they did set me up...


9th operator (you have to call them a lot to find person don't hang up.)

 Nadijah Johnson said I can move it to my home .

She send me document I sign and I follow all her advise but nobody call me for 3 Weeks.

Ms Johnson has never answer and she hide.

Finally I catch her on telephone. She said It is system mistake not her or Comcast mistake....

It is your System Why you cannot say I am sorry instead of I was on vacation.


I don't know how long does it take and how much money I should waste for this.


It is very painful deal with Comacast...

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Re: Bad customer service

Similar problems. Technical support didn't know what an ISP address. How is this technical support?  Non-native speakers, I can deal with, but people who don't understand basic internet terms?

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Re: Bad customer service

Also, technical support reps keep hanging up on you or transfer you to different department if they don't understand what you are saying.


Re: Bad customer service

Why was the post moved?

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Re: Bad customer service

Move made easy???? My account was dropped and I am to become a new costumer now? I called a month out to have my service changed and I still get the run around when I and still no service. I will start looking to get my TV and Internet from someone else
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Re: 15 hours of customer service calls to get phone and internet working...

Similar to my experiences. And I pay over 200 bucks a month for this "service"? Time to stop being a patsy and stop supporting such a lousy company.