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how do i use my computer to send fax

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Re: how do i use my computer to send fax

Just Google for fax services. You scan something in, and they can send it, usually for $$$. Some office supply stores also offer a service. Just print out what you want and go there.


If you have a modem with fax support, some versions of Windows come with basic fax software, or can be downloaded as an extra.

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Re: how do i use my computer to send fax

As said above you can subscribe to and online fax service where you send the document as an email and the service retransmits as a Fax and acts as a receiver for the incoming fax and retransmits it to you as emai.

If you have a combination Printer/Scanner/fax machine It will come with software that loads on your computer to handle faxing for you either across the intenet or with a connection to your phone line.

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Re: how do i use my computer to send fax



This should help you understand the methods and protocols invlolved.

Fax Over IP

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Re: how do i use my computer to send fax

If you are running OSX and are connected via a modem to a phone line, you can "Print a PDF to FAX" which will do what you want.  You need to identify your operating system and connections to get help.