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regional sports fee

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regional sports fee

I'm a new customer with Xfinity/comcast recently adding the tv cable service.  When I saw my bill and noticed the regional sports fee among all the other fees but this one didn't sit well with me.  In my opinion, this fee should not be a blanket fee but only added to those customers who choose to add a sports program package or sports channels to their choices.  When I inquired about it, of course the standard explanation was that it was a fee that can't be removed because it is not a Comcast charge but one by the FCC.  My reply was that the Federal Communincations Commission to my knowledge doesn't impose charges of that nature and that the fee reminded me of the NFL franchise fees that was tacked on to my bill in a previous carrier account.  I had argued with them based on the fact that I did not request that service to which they claimed I failed to opt out by a certain date.  Long story short, I argued the legality of customers being blindsided by a service that was automatically imposed without their specific request and burden of responsibility placed on them to notice it.  My point is that while businesses have the right to make some profit by correctly informing customers of the true nature of the various fees and charges, creating a gobblygook of fees with questionable titles already creates a confusion and distaste with customers but to act like specialized service fees like sports should be shared by all customers really creates ill will.   I like sports but don't impose it on me.  For example, those of us who prefer performing arts like dance or musical concerts donate or pay membership to pbs stations but they don't impose a blanklet arts fee to be passed on to broadcast carriers.  It makes no sense.

My question is, does anyone else feel this way or am I wrong about my opinion about the sports fee?

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Re: regional sports fee

I feel the same way.  I don't watch the sports channel and to pay an additional $5 ontop of  channel fees is just a way for Xfinity to make more money.  It's like a "shipping and handling" fee, when companies already put those costs into the product, they're bogus.

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