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horse racing channel in Phila.

What happened to the horse racing channel #235 in Philadelphia? (Philadelphia Park Phonebet)
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Re: horse racing channel in Phila.

Three year later................... did you get the horse racing channel back?


In my younger days I bet at the race track and followed horse racing.


Recently a door to door Xfinity sales man asked me if Comcast Xfinity

had the horse racing channel.


Here is my question.  What is so good about "the horse racing channel"

that would cause a subscriber to turn down an offer to win him back from

a compettior and save him $1,000.00 in his first year of the promotion,

$760.00 the second year and give him more of everything else (services)?


Would anyone please explain this to me?  I must be missing something.

I can't think of any channel worth $1,760.00 for two years.  Can you?

And NO (unless this guy was hidding something very well) he is not a

billionaire.  :-)


The Door to Door Truth


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Re: horse racing channel in Phila.

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Looks like it was dropped in March 2010 according to the article linked below. 




TVG is on my channel lineup on channel 718. They have horse racing. More info at http://www.tvg.com/