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channel list for Blast Plus! ???


channel list for Blast Plus! ???

Seattle area went all digital yesterday, I've been trying for days to get someone to send me a listing for the digital economy tier included with the Blast Plus bundle and they repeatedly offer the comparison listings for Starter, premere and extreme, even suggesting I'll want to upgrade anyway (to DISH, maybe) or drop basic since they can't sync the sound on any non-shopping channel

 Does anyone know how to get a current channal listing for each tier, in south snohomish county, washington state?

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Re: channel list for Blast Plus! ???

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Re: channel list for Blast Plus! ???

Try this link


Below is a sample of the wording on that page. Near the bottom of the paragraph is the link to view your local lineup

Already a customer? See what's on tonight.
HD - indicates that the channel is also available in HD. Availability of HD channels subject to area.                     HD equipment required.
The channels listed below are an example only and do not necessarily reflect content in each Comcast system.
View your local channel lineup.

Re: channel list for Blast Plus! ???

Yes, http://www.comcast.com/programming/channellineup/all.html is were they keep refering me, BUT notice it does NOT have a DIGITAL ECONOMY tier, just Starter, Prefered, and Premier, as I said before.

 the phone people admit it is different, but don't have a list to send.

 I refuse to buy an unknown, with them either telling me "it's under the 30 day guaruntee" or "you'll probably upgrade anyway" (NO, I won't!!!) I just want a straight, direct, and correct answer.

Surely, someone at ComCast must know what they are selling!?!?

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Re: channel list for Blast Plus! ???

You can expect most the following channels in addition to the limited basic local channels in your area.  You do not get any On Demand, and adding the new small DTA adapters only get you limited basic channels, not the Digital Economy tier on extra TV's.  For extra TV's you need to pay the full monthly fee for a full set top box to receive Digital Economy on extra TV's.  The price for Digital Economy is on top of the limited basic tier of service.



Cartoon Network
Comedy Central    
Spike TV      
USA Network 
Fox News Channel 
The Weather Channel
Food Network    
Animal Planet
TV Guide Network
Discovery Channel 
Comcast Network 100 
CSPAN 2  News & Info  
Cable Marketplace 1
Cable Marketplace 3
Jewelry Television    
Music Choice  Music  

A subscription to Basic Service is required to receive other services or levels of service of video programming. Some services require a CableCARD or a receiver and remote at an additional charge.


To receive channels offered in HD, a HD television (not provided), HDTV equipment and subscription to the channel's service level or underlying premium service are required.

Digital Economy does not include On Demand and cannot be combined with service levels that include or require

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Re: channel list for Blast Plus! ???

Blast Plus has Digital Economy. 


Here's a simple, printable list:





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