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Why the lack of premium HD channels?

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Why the lack of premium HD channels?

So I moved and I added Comcast TV, as I already have Comcast internet. I had a different provider before for the TV. But I'm having signal issues as to why I can't continue with my previous TV provider.

But with my previous provider every single premium channel is in HD. But I'm looking at your lineup online and on my guide. Which I see majority of my premium channels such as HBO, Stars, etc are not in HD. Why is this? And do you have plans to roll out more HD channels for the premium channels? I mean it's great that you have pretty much all the cable channels in HD and channels like UP, which even my other provider didn't carry in HD(sarcastically speaking because UP is a really small channel compared to the premium channels). But why not the premium channels?!

Also I already know that you can watch a lot of stuff on demand or through their apps. But I prefer to watch it live on TV, as even some of the apps don't have live streaming either. I don't understand why not every channel is in HD in this day and age. These channels you pay for are supposed to be "premium", but it makes me feel like they're not "premium" because they're not in HD.
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Re: Why the lack of premium HD channels?

Why no response from Comcast or anybody? I seriously want to know why, and have my never questions answered!

I would think by now in 2018 they would have a nationalized HD channel lineup. Whether they actually carry the channel in that specific area is a different story. But when they do carry the channel, the channel should be HD. The channel should be the same if you're in Miami Florida, Brooklyn New York, or in Los Angeles or San Francisco California. Just because you live in a different area that carries that same specific channel, it shouldn't change to SD because of it.

I mean I live in a Comcast fiber optic area, and fiber optic is supposed to be able to give you more HD channels. So I would think my area I would be able to getting more HD channels. Especially my premium HD channels. I have like one HD channel of each premium channel.
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